Rain Flower Gem Association Inc tour in Chinese Museum澳洲雨花寶石協會中國博物館之旅



In a beautiful afternoon Rain Flower Gem Association Inc visited Chinese Museum to have a Chinese culture tour.The two of member-Diva Networking and Chris visited first time in Melbourne.Chinese Museum is the first and only supported by Australia government.It show Australia attaches great importance to China relationship.We saw few visitors look around museum.As a Australian from Chinese the feeling are different with another because every thing was so familiar and warm. 


Oiled paper umbrella stand by traditional romantic.A little shyness girl hold a oiled paper umbrella stand in the  rain i waiting for her lover.



Every one hand up the lantern to celebrate traditional Spring Festival for spring coming with best wish.


The master – a wise man, the great thinker and educator in China.He started the private teaching atmosphere, is the founder of Confucian school.The master said:,”the noble person is concerned with rightness:the small person is concerned with profit.The wisdom of the ancients of China up to now give enlightenment to Chinese, also is the gifts to the world. Isn’t rain flower road, following this?Rain flower transfer friendship, our friends are from the world.


With our member-Diva networking.

Member-Chris became Han dynasty person.



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