The past memory isto be looked back on.

Some people may never beseen in life again.


李康生是个电影摄影师 ,这辈子拍了些电影 ,如《梅兰芳》《周渔的火车》等,还为许多文艺界和体育界的大牌拍过广告片。摄影摄像是他一生的最爱,在中国他的潜能发挥到极致 ,到了澳洲却因为摄影,使他茫然失措, 难以自我。

As a cinematographer,Li Kangsheng has shot several movies including the likes of Mei Lanfang and Express of Zhou Yu and he was also responsible for shooting somecommercials for noted brands in the circle of literature, art and sports. Photographyis his life-time fancy and his potential is displayed to a zenith in China, butin Australia, he is all adrift and lost because of photographing.


2015年最后一天的凌晨四点,他像往常一样必做的一件事:要拍拍那最后一天的日出与日落,再拍这新年第一天的日出,以作那辞旧岁迎新年的祈福…… 当他一路扫景来到墨尔本Point Cook 地区的 Oconnors Rd 尽头,忽然看到远处有两匹高头骏马 ,沐浴着喷薄而出的朝阳,一会在金色的沙滩上飞奔,一会在齐胸的海水中徜徉……此刻,职业摄影的本能和喜爱骏马的本性,驱使着康生按耐不住飞奔前往!

At 4:00 a.m. on the very last day of 2015, he, asusual, followed a must-do course for the day by shooting the sunrise and sunsetof the last day and the sunrise of the first day of the upcoming year to blessthe new year and bid farewell to the deceasing year. When he made it to the endof Oconnors Rd, Point Cook, Melbourne with photographing along the way, hecaught sight of two horses galloping in the golden beach against the sunrisefar away. The instinct of professional photographing and horse-loving penchantin him propelled him to run at full tilt.

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原来这是一对澳洲母女,用专车拖来她们的骏马在海边嬉戏徜徉。由于不会英语,康生用有限的手势 ,惶惶不安地恳求她们允许他拍些她们海滩骑马的照片……这对母女此时不但友善地微笑点头同意,还主动积极地配合。

It turned out that anAustralian mother and daughter dragged their horse with a special car to thebeach for ambling and having fun. As he cannot speak English, Li used hisfinite knowledge of gesture to beseech for their permission to have him takesome pictures of them riding horse on the beach…they nodded yes with anamicable smile and coordinated with him willingly.

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When Li finishedthe shooting, the mother asked him some questions in English and Li, then quiteconfused, could do nothing but to show gratitude. On this score, they waved himgoodbye. Li Kangsheng, feeling depressed for a while, turned around only tofind that the blonde girl gave him a scrap of paper with their e-mail addresson it. He finally got their meaning and nodded yes. This scrap was way tooinspiring.

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那个小纸条一定不能丢! 康生上车后如圣旨般地把小纸条贡到了手旁的座位上,想着到家马上就发给人家!可是啊,故事就此开始了,如同俗套的剧情一样:你越珍惜的 ,它就必然会失去…… 当康生一路享受着车窗外的清风到家,停车一看,车座上的小纸片没了!翻遍了车内上上下下,裡裡外外,立刻沿路返回,在烈日下的二个小时逐路段找寻那张小纸条,它一定是飘到了空中,飘到了海洋,飘散了康生的魂……

Li highly valued thescrap and carefully put it on the seat besides him when he got into his car. Hewanted badly to send the pictures to them as soon as he went back home, butlike an old saying goes: the more you cherish a thing, the more likely youwould be deprived of it. When Li arrived home, the scrap that was supposed tobe lying on the seat was gone. He searched the car out and out but could notfind it. He went along the road back and went on seeking for the scrap for twohours against the sizzling sun but still could not get it. It might be driftingto the air and lost, which hurt Li’s heart.


万能的網絡万能的亲:如果你碰巧到了墨城Point Cook; 又碰巧到了Oconnors Rd的海滩边;更碰巧你又遇见这对曾在2015年最后那天的清晨,曾在那片美丽的海滩上驰骋的善良母女,请你一定将爱心传递,请将这些照片让那对母女看一看,并请把康生的邮箱地址:[email protected] 转给她们,因为康生即将离开美丽的墨尔本,回到伟大的祖国了……

Almighty internet andall my dearest friends: if you happen to be at the seabeach at Occonnors Road,Point Cook, Melbourne and if, by any chance, you caught sight of the mother anddaughter whom Li met in the morning of the last day of 2015, please be kind enoughto forward these pictures so that they might see them. Please attach Li’s emailaddress ([email protected])to them for he is about to leave Melbourne and head back home…


善良的朋友们请转发吧 ,感谢一路有你!

Please help ourphotographer and do not let his regret linger in Australia.

My kindest friends, pleaseforward these pictures and may your kindness pay you back.


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