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[Guide] The parent-child reality show movie "Where Are You Going Dad" jointly produced by Tianyu Media, Blue Flame, and Light Media will be released in person on January 1st. The film crew recently released five character posters, Angela, Kimi, Cindy, Tiantian, and Shishi are "Home Alone" respectively. The five cute dads are supporting roles, and they stay in the palms of their own beautiful skinless babies. Netizens praised the character version of the poster for "sprouting new heights."

Star Dad Mengwa's parent-child dress "transposition" unstoppable

"Where Are You Going, Dad" has a strong starring lineup. The five groups of star Dad Mengwa who became popular in the first season all joined the original cast, making the show's die-hard fans excited. The film crew recently released five character posters, Zhang Liang and his son, Wang Yuelun [微博] father and daughter, Tian Liang father and daughter, Guo Tao [微博] father and son and Lin Zhiying [微博] father and son collectively put on funny and lovely parent-child costumes with lively colors Bright, the children laughed into a small flower, or played cool to the camera, and the fathers laughed.

The posters also ingeniously make father and son "exchange" and sell cute, cute babies turn into "little giants" and "hold the fathers in the palms". The strong contrast highlights the cuteness and innocence of cute babies. Interestingly, the posters also express the thoughts of the cute babies. For example, Tiantian’s inner world is: "We are male gods!" while Shishi is thinking, "Man cannot be afraid!" Besides, it makes people laugh.

When cute baby meets cute pet Angela loves koala and loves giraffe every day

In the movie version, fathers and cute babies came to the wild zoo covering an area of ​​more than one million square meters and "close contact" with tens of thousands of wild animals. The cute babies saw large animals such as lions, elephants, hippos, and big white tigers, as well as cute animals such as koalas, baby pandas, and tiger babies. When a cute baby encounters a cute pet, the film is more healing, and the eye-catching index soars instantly.

"Little Princess" Angela loves the sluggish koala the most, and she realizes her "love hug" at close range. Wang Yuelun finally helped her daughter realize her wish and was overjoyed. The lively and active Zhang Tiantian likes giraffes the most. When he sees giraffes, he shouts every day: "Daddy, come and compare your height!" Zhang Liang, the "long-legged male god", was a little bit "helpless". Kimi is no longer shy now, and always runs around excitedly when he sees animals. Lin Zhiying is happy to "stock" her son and watch Kimi play with the animals and children. Cindy has even played his "wind-like" running skills, running with the animals, making Tian Liang anxious every day, but just can't keep up with his daughter's footsteps. As a "mature boy", Stone often hangs himself on a tree branch in a daze. Guo Tao has to sigh, "The child has reached the age to think about life."

Source: Sina Entertainment