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Posted on Friday, January 2014, 1 24:10

According to a report on the 23rd by the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda, on the morning of the 23rd local time, border guards and a group of unidentified persons exchanged fire in the Jet Oguz district of Issyk-Kul Oblast, Kyrgyzstan’s neighboring China. The group first killed a hunter with a knife and snatched the gun. After the border guards arrived, they were shot by this group of militants. During the exchange of fire, two militants were killed. The rest were surrounded in the Pickeltec area. The estimated number is 11 people. The border guards are negotiating with them, but they Refuse to surrender.

According to sources from the border defense department of Kyrgyzstan, the location of the accident was only 35 to 40 kilometers away from China's Xinjiang border. Kaputagayev, a spokesman for the Issyk-Kul State Government, said he was rushing to the scene of the accident to find out the situation. The Kyrgyz Government Information Bureau stated that in response to this situation, Prime Minister Satbartiyev convened an emergency government meeting and asked Deputy Prime Minister Mametov to form a special command to eliminate militants in the Kyrgyz-China border area to prevent the escalation of the local situation. Use all feasible methods to eliminate the possible harm caused by this group of criminals. Mametov said that Kyrgyzstan's border defense forces are sending additional special units to this area.

"Global Times" reporter learned through relevant channels that relevant parties in Xinjiang are also closely following developments and maintain close contact with relevant parties in Kyrgyzstan. The source told the "Global Times" reporter: "The number of militants under siege may be as many as 20." As for the specific identities of these besieged persons, the source said that it is not yet known: "Even if the ethnic composition of this group is known. , It’s not necessarily that they crossed the border from Xinjiang to Kyrgyzstan.” He explained that Issyk-Kul State is located in the east of Kyrgyzstan and borders China’s Xinjiang to the east and southeast. Uighurs account for 42% of the local population of 0.1.

However, the "East Turkistan" forces in Kyrgyzstan should not be underestimated. First, some "East Turkistan" organizations, such as the Kyrgyzstan Uyghur Solidarity Association and the World Uyghur Congress, have opened so-called "representative offices" in Kyrgyzstan. Secondly, the "East Turkistan" also used Kyrgyzstan as its base to step up its penetration into Xinjiang, especially the competition for young people. Furthermore, the "East Turkistan" forces in Kyrgyzstan have changed their previously advertised strategy of peaceful struggle in recent years and turned to violent means. For example, on the evening of March 2003, 3, a regular passenger shuttle bus in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China was attacked by "East Turkistan" militants in Kyrgyzstan on its way back to Kashgar from Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. All 26 passengers were killed, including China. 21 citizens (including 18 Uyghur compatriots).

Kyrgyzstan’s "Kabar" website stated on the 23rd that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan held a meeting with the Chinese Embassy personnel on the Kyrgyz-China border incident on the same day. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan stated that Kyrgyzstan and China have cooperated closely in the field of combating the "three forces". It is believed that the relevant agencies of the two countries will cooperate closely on this incident.

A reporter from the Global Times contacted Xu Zhongxin, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan on the evening of the 23rd. He said that he is currently learning about the Kyrgyz-China border incident. Judging from the information they have, this group of militants was eventually taken by Kyrgyzstan. Stan's border guards were killed. However, since the identities of these militants cannot be confirmed for the time being, they cannot comment.

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