time:2010-03-31source:The Australian Times Author:Article: Xu Yi; Photography: Zhou


Sitting in the coffee shop, Mr. Lin drank fragrant coffee while looking back on his artistic career, especially when he mentioned the scene of the "Western Australia Chinese Celebrating the Return of Hong Kong" in the past ten years. Unable to conceal his joy and excitement, he told reporters that holding these two large-scale performances is his most unforgettable memory after arriving in Australia.

Fortunately, I learn singing and dancing, and I am relieved of hardship

Mr. Lin Xiangpei was connected with art throughout his life, which mainly benefited from his father. His father was a talented man in his hometown. He not only excelled in poetry, piano, calligraphy and painting, but also mastered Jinghu. Under the influence of his father, he developed a keen interest in art since he was a child, especially in dance and music, and devoted himself to art, which established his love for art and his lifelong pursuit. When he was in middle school, he became the backbone of the school's literature and art. Lin Xiangpei showed his artistic talents in drama, dance, instrumental music and the art activities of the waist drum. He didn't come from a famous academician. On the one hand, his talents were born with him, and on the other hand, he was made with hard work. He is the earliest dancer and choreographer of the Fujian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble (now Fujian Song and Dance Theater). Because of his artistic achievements, he was elected as a representative of the National Congress of Literature and Art in 1960 and elected as a director of the Chinese Dancers Association. He has performed in Beijing on behalf of Fujian Province on many occasions, and has been received by Mao Zedong three times and posed for pictures. Recalling the performance of the "Color Ball Dance" for Chairman Mao in Huairen Hall, Zhongnanhai, the Chairman saw the scene when he laughed, and he still remembers it still. Being able to go to Beijing to meet Chairman Mao was the highest honor for artists at the time.

At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, all of Mr. Lin's works were regarded as "poisonous weeds". As a result, he was labeled as a "reactionary academic authority", was criticized and persecuted, and was forced to stop stage performance and artistic creation. Like most artists, they were sent to the countryside for labor reform. But during this period, Mr. Lin Xiangpei did not give up his pursuit of art. Although he could not show his figure on stage, he withstood the pressure and secretly cultivated a large number of young farmers singing and dancing talents, and choreographed many outstanding songs and dances for them. The works enriched the cultural life of the countryside at that time. Because of his continuous theoretical thinking and exploration of dance art, he later founded the "Spring Song and Dance Troupe" in Hong Kong to train folk stage artists and provided a theoretical basis. Mr. Lin Xiangpei believes that “life is the course of art, action is the language of the stage, art is the expression of personal emotional reaction, it is an emotional expression." Therefore, he pays more attention to drawing artistic inspiration from life and using art to express The truth of life.

Mr. Lin Xiangpei, who was in China at that time, had good reasons to move to Hong Kong at any time, but he had deep feelings for China and the place where he was born and raised. He believed that art should be contributed to the motherland and people. Therefore, he worked in Fujian Province for a long time. Performing arts work. It was not until the end of the Cultural Revolution, after being forced to interrupt stage performance and art choreography for twelve years, that he had to choose to reunite with his wife and children in Hong Kong and continue his artistic career overseas. Due to his dedication to stage art and his love of Chinese dance, after moving to Hong Kong in 1978, he taught courses such as "Professional Choreography Diploma" and "Dance Teacher Training" at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and served as a tutor for the Song and Dance Instructor Group of the Hong Kong Government Culture and Sports Office .

In 1980, Mr. Lin founded the "Hong Kong Spring Song and Dance Troupe". He believed that the establishment of this song and dance troupe, in his poems, said that "the arts of the motherland must be promoted, and spring, summer, autumn and winter cannot be stopped". He himself is "fortunate to learn singing and dancing." In the past ten years, the "Hong Kong Spring Song and Dance Troupe" has performed more than 600 free-of-charge performances all over Hong Kong, which has attracted the attention of the society and the media. "Next Magazine", "Sing Tao Daily", "Qiao Bao", "Wen Wei Po" and newspapers in Macau, Singapore and other places also reported on the wonderful performances of the art troupe many times, which gave a high degree of Mr. Lin's dedication to stage art and the cultivation of artistic talents. Evaluation. Due to the success of the "Spring Song and Dance Troupe" in Hong Kong, Mr. Lin has become a well-known figure and art authority in the Hong Kong art world, and has a high reputation in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong’s annual National Day and Spring Festival celebration gala, he is a member of the preparatory committee; Hong Kong holds large-scale dance competitions, and he is invited to be a judge.

Over the past few decades, he has created and adapted hundreds of music, dance, dance drama, and opera works, forming an artistic style with strong ethnic and local characteristics. He believes that art beautifies life, is hopeful, and inspires people to strive for a better future. He pointed out that “art is not just left for personal viewing, its creation, its true life is to make the audience feel identity.” The dances he created and choreographed all come from life, and return to life, full of richness. The atmosphere of life and the beautiful artistic atmosphere are deeply loved and welcomed by the audience. He said: “The applause of the audience is the biggest reward for me.” During his stay in Hong Kong, he also wrote stories based on the anti-Japanese war that took place in his hometown of Fuqing, Fujian. The background movie script "Eastern Knights" was directed by the famous Hong Kong director Mr. Zhang Xinyan. The movie was released in China and Southeast Asian countries and was well received by the film and television industry.

Mr. Lin Xiangpei has a true patriotism, and he loves the motherland that gave birth to him. Although Mr. Lin was persecuted innocently during the Cultural Revolution, he did not harbor any resentment towards the motherland for this reason; after living in Hong Kong for more than ten years, he is also deeply grateful for this metropolis that allows him to further develop his artistic talents. Xin, he once said: "Hong Kong and Kowloon are my family." Even though he moved to Australia for his children in the XNUMXs, he still has a deep heart for his motherland and Hong Kong.

There are thousands of arts and business, and the promotion of culture is bitter but sweet

Mr. Lin Xiangpei is an artist who has the courage to pursue artistic pursuits. After he settled in Perth in 1990, he continued his artistic life. At this time, he "is also both art and business", "being in art and business," and "promoting culture is bitter but sweet." In 1992, he opened Perth Chinese's first relatively large-scale karaoke "Art Lin Karaoke" restaurant. On the one hand, he was engaged in business, and on the other hand, based on "Art Forest", he attracted and brought together many talents of music and performing arts in Western Australia. Therefore, he established the "Western Australia Chinese Culture and Art Association", and he has served as the president until now. In 1996 and 2002, Mr. Lin hosted the "Yi Lin Zhi Yin" and "Chinese Voice" Karaoke Chinese Song Grand Prix twice. The two grand prix contests were both grand and moving, embracing the patriotism and love of the overseas Chinese, and won great attention and support from all walks of life and the Chinese consulate, and achieved great success, writing a new page in the cultural history of the Chinese in Western Australia. .

In the past two decades in Perth, Mr. Lin Xiangpei has also successfully hosted a number of "Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival", "Welcoming the New Year" song and dance gala, and "Celebrating the XNUMXth Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" large-scale literary and artistic gala, in an effort to promote Chinese culture and art. At the same time, it also fully demonstrated his organizational talent and personal charm.

Because of Mr. Lin Xiangpei’s love for the motherland, his feelings for Hong Kong, as well as his personal artistic talents and organizational skills, the organizing committee of the 1997 "Western Australia Chinese Celebration of Hong Kong’s Return to Hong Kong" organizing committee elected him as the director of the organizing committee. Taking charge of the main organizing and programming work of the show. This is a hard work. He mobilized the whole family to join the battle, his wife is his best assistant, and "YiLin" became the rehearsal base. "The difficulty is that outsiders cannot I understand." He said when talking about this history. With the strong support of the Chinese Consulate and the Chinese business community, the return celebration party was successfully held and the performance was a great success. The Western Australian Chinese Culture and Arts Association Amateur Art Troupe directed by him performed XNUMX wonderful performances. The Minister of Multiculturalism of Western Australia, Mr. Mike Board, who went to watch the performance, said to Mr. Lin, "Tonight’s The performance level is something I rarely see in Australia, and it is very successful. Chinese folk music and dance are very exciting." There was even a Singaporean Chinese who exclaimed excitedly on the spot: "I am Chinese, I am not Singaporean." The joy of the party's success. Many audiences also rushed to the stage to ask the actors and Mr. Lin Xiangpei to sign. At that time, Mr. Lin laughed and said: "I have been engaged in art work for more than XNUMX years. This is the first time I have signed a memorial for the audience. The year-old man has become a star in Western Australia.” However, Mr. Lin did not forget his gratitude to the many people who enthusiastically supported the performance work. He said with emotion: to promote Chinese culture and art, except for the dedication of the participants themselves. In addition to the spirit, without the support of all walks of life, its difficulties are indescribable. He said that he will use his abilities to spread the cultural and artistic cause of the Chinese nation in his lifetime, and use this to return people's enthusiastic attention and support.

Because of this belief, Mr. Lin, who is already in his seventies, successfully held the 2007 "Western Australian Chinese Celebration of the XNUMXth Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong". He said: "I am in a rare age, but my heart is still attached to this group of overseas Chinese who love the cause of the motherland. I am excited about the brilliant achievements Hong Kong has made in the past ten years since its return to the motherland." The gala was well received. According to the newspaper report at the time: "This is a high-level performance, this is a high-end audio-visual live enjoyment. Many audience members said that this is the most exciting experience in Western Australia in many years. One of the performances, the show is really'classic music, all wonderful'." More poets praised, "I am more fond of the evergreen trees in the art world, the famous Lin Xiangpei, traveled all over the green hills and people who are not old, set up banners and go up the high ladder." The success of this performance embodies Mr. Lin's great efforts and a lot of hard work, and also composes Mr. Lin's art song of "Love singing, music and dancing all his life, and the XNUMXth anniversary of the art world". He told reporters: "To contribute our strength to the grand event in the history of the Chinese nation. This is what we should do as Chinese sons and daughters. It is insignificant."

With zeal and courage, the art world has worked hard to start a business

Although Mr. Lin believes that what he has done is "insignificant", and although he has not won any international art awards, I have been regarded by him as a stage art throughout his life and busy with Chinese culture and art; for his "reliance" With his heart and courage, the art world’s entrepreneurial spirit is hard to work. He was deeply moved by his true Chinese heart. I think, how many artists like Mr. Lin are overseas who don’t ask for fame or sacrifice themselves to Chinese culture and art for profit? Do those so-called artists and dancers who think they have high artistic attainments and have turned their backs on the motherland for their own personal interests, will they feel a little guilty after reading Mr. Lin's deeds? I believe that Mr. Lin Xiangpei's spirit of quietly dedicating to Chinese culture and art throughout his life will definitely inspire more young overseas Chinese artists to devote themselves to the promotion of Chinese culture and art.

Note: The title and subtitle of this article quoted verses from Mr. Lin Xiangpei.

•Photographer's Notes•

An elder with both virtue and art

Photography/writing: Zhou Dan

I don’t know Mr. Lin Xiangpei very well, but we greeted him at several gatherings, but my husband and Mr. Lin are very close. They met in the early nineties. "Ten years ago, you had never seen or unexpectedly expected that an old man in his sixties could still somersault on the stage. That style, that chic, and that is absolutely incredible..."! Speaking of Mr. Lin, my husband sincerely respects and admires him. So long before Mr. Lin Xiangpei took the lead in organizing the "Western Australian Chinese celebrating the 6th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong", I had the idea of ​​filming and interviewing Mr. Lin Xiangpei, but my plan was stranded for various reasons. On June 30th of this year, I did not attend the "Return Celebration Party" because of "confinement". I learned from the friends who came to visit that the party was quite successful, especially Lin Mr.'s skill is not diminished back then. I have always been worried about not being able to shoot Mr. Lin's stage style.

On Thursday, I went to the city with my mother, who was almost two months old, and went to the "Sweet Art Cake Shop" for a short break (the scallion bread there is my favorite). I happened to meet someone who wrote an interview in the shop. "Australian Times" special correspondents Ms. Xu Yi and Mr. Lin Xiangpei were drinking coffee. After chatting, I realized that it was Mr. Lin’s wonderful performance at the "Returning Celebration Party" that moved Xu Yi. This old lady of mine took care of her husband and two-year-old daughter while intermittently interviewing Mr. Lin. This day is Sending the manuscript to Mr. Lin, it happened to meet me. The interview of such a respectable senior is about to be published in the newspaper. How can there be no portraits taken by me? It's a pity that I didn't carry the camera with me, so I met Mr. Lin at the same place at XNUMX o'clock in the afternoon the next day, and Mr. Lin readily agreed.

I chose the "Sweet Art Cake Shop" as the shooting location. Cloudy days are the best time to shoot portraits, so I didn't bring the photography lamps, but just brought the background cloth and pasted it at the door of the "Sweet Art Cake Shop". I heard that Mr. Lin did everything in his work when preparing for the "Reunification Celebration Party". Wouldn't Mr. Lin be unhappy with my simple shooting environment? When I was about to explain my shooting ideas to Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin amiably waved his hand and said, "You are an expert in this area, and I listen to you all."

Mr. Lin put on the clothes I prepared for him and naturally posed in front of the background cloth. My good friend Diana acted as my assistant to pick up the reflector for me. The crowds on the street and the people entering and leaving the cake shop from time to time Looking at us curiously, I asked Mr. Lin if he would be uncomfortable. Mr. Lin assured me that his attention was only on my camera. He had even filmed movies as early as the XNUMXs, and the crowds were comparable. Today is very much...Due to Mr. Lin’s active cooperation, our filming ended smoothly in less than half an hour. I was dancing and dancing with excitement, while Mr. Lin silently helped me clean up the background...

The photos are organized, and I think I should write something. After making a phone call from a friend who knew Mr. Lin, everyone's evaluation of this Mr. Lin was: the persistence in art and the old and hard-working serious spirit are touching!

Being upright, distinct in love and hatred, hateful, blunt, straightforward, but humble and gentle, is respectable! I am thinking that an artist must not only have outstanding artistic achievements, but also a noble moral character. Deyi Shuangxin is not only the only way for the artist to succeed, but also the goal of the artist's lifelong struggle. Mr. Lin Xiangpei did it!

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