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       In order to combat the aging process, people nowadays use almost everything, from diamond beauty instruments worth nearly ten million dollars to simple and easy-to-use anti-wrinkle bandages, various products emerge in endlessly. Trendhunter website has collected some weird physical anti-aging products:

       System4 company pushKnown as the first whole body anti-aging machine in history, named "Human Regeneration Apparatus", held in a certain place in the world in September 2013Exhibited at the fair.

      The instrument covered nearly 20 diamonds (6880 kilograms) with a total weight of 1.5 carats, claiming to use "quantum cell code" technology to delay aging, generate longitudinal waves with pulses and frequencies, and process silicon and aluminum deposited in the human body.Up to 980 million US dollars.


The following is a set of unique products from Japan to combat various signs of facial aging:

It prevents neck wrinkles. It is used in a very unique way, a bit likePins for temporary waist closure on tops.


More obvious, it is used to lose weight for the cheeks:


Is to tighten forehead wrinkles:


A scary mask, needless to say, of course is used to tighten and lift the muscles of the upper half of the face and reduce wrinkles:


This unique pair of glasses is used to tighten the skin around the eyes and enhance the contour:


The most joyful, I put this special braces every dayThree minutes in your mouth, it is saidReduce nasolabial folds, tighten jaw and mouth contours:


Imagine using all the above six products inThe look and feel of...

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