To do business with China, you must first understand Chinese culture

Published 27 November 2013, 10:31 AEST

Australian Chinese cultural consultant Trevor Lee told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter that Chinese culture is extensive and profound and rich in content, but there is one thing in common, that is, bargaining.

chinese market To do business with China, you must first understand Chinese culture (Credit: ABC)

Trevor believes that Australians must catch up in this regard. He said: "Australian businessmen are accustomed to the pricing model of doing business because we grew up in this environment. But the Chinese have grown up in a completely different environment."

Trevor said: "The Chinese have learned the bargaining culture when they go out with their parents since they were young. They want to buy cherries, fruits or fish heads at the best prices. When all this becomes a daily habit, it also It gradually penetrated into their business activities. If you don’t bargain with the Chinese, they will feel offended.”

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that Trevor Lee stated at a conference held by Australian fruit and nut growers that entering the Chinese market requires various banquets to establish relationships. He took the Australian Foster Brewing Company as an example and pointed out that the company has worked hard in China for XNUMX years but failed to gain a foothold in this market. The reason is that the company's senior executives are not willing to participate in banquets.

He also suggested that Australian fruit and nut exporters look for evidence of the value of traditional Chinese medicine for their exports. He also warned that if Australian food exporters have not established close relations with China, it may be too late, because in his words, "the whole world is chasing China."