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A performance artist once explained to me what “performance art” is: for example, a person jumping from a table to the ground may be a child’s play; a person jumping from the tenth floor to the ground is suicide. These are called “behavior”. People jumping from the table to the ground repeatedly, that may be "performance art." The inspiration for "performance works" is very simple: usually a trivial matter, reading a book, remembering a wish when I was a child, my heart moved, to express..., fish swim in the water, birds fly in the sky, plants grow in the wind , They are all expressing with their own bodies, which is also performance art.

At 2008 pm on Saturday, March 3, 8, Western Australia's "Spectrum Art Museum" performed a human performance art performance. The gallery was arranged like a cave-like corner. A naked woman covered with white paint occasionally Groping in the dark, standing on the rocks on the water... In the background, there are scenes playing, there are weeds, sparks, sky, naked women struggling in the rocks...

Three days later, I saw the protagonist of this performance art show, Ms. Sun Huilin, who is from Beijing and is now studying in the "Visual Art" of "Eddie" University.

The first impression Hui Lin gave me was that she was a thin and weak woman, but she was a bit fairylike. Unsurprisingly, Huilin has been studying Buddhism for eight years. How could such a young woman play such a trendy art of human performance art? I can't help being curious about her.

The topic with Huilin was talked about by her performance art this time. "Actually, this is not my first performance art creation." Huilin took a sip of coffee and said slowly: "I'm in my school. There was a performance art performance inside. I wrapped myself layer by layer like a mummy, and then let someone cut the wrapper with scissors. I was naked from the inside.

Huilin's other two-dimensional and three-dimensional works are also exhibited at the Spectrum Art Museum this time. A reporter from the "West Australian" gave her a good evaluation of this exhibition, and especially appreciated Huilin's aesthetics of three-dimensional space. Before I interviewed Huilin, I asked netizens for Huilin's questions on the Internet. There were some sharp and extreme questions. I chose to print out some of them and showed Huilin. Huilin's calm attitude towards sharp and extreme problems made me enjoy.

"My performance art has nothing to do with "sex" or "gender"!" Hui Lin said: "I want to seek a kind of freedom in harmony with nature. To express my philosophy of life. Sometimes people use their body to express when they can't express themselves. In our daily life, 80% of our communication is non-verbal. The duty of an artist is to use art and vision to express the good and bad things in real life. I want to pursue a visual effect that is eye-catching, so I chose a nude performance. The human body is beautiful and a part of nature , The texture of the natural body is perfect! In primitive society, everyone has no clothes to cover their shame, and naked people are very natural. Clothes are the central idea of ​​Buddhism outside, and they are empty and empty. Don’t take possession as important. In fact, I The first time I performed a human performance art performance, I was very nervous. I kept chanting Buddhist scriptures, calmed down, and slowly entered a creative state of expressing what I wanted to express. When the entire performance art was finished, I was relieved. The inner things are expressed, and it feels good. Maybe after many years, when I look back, I will be moved by myself. I want to use my performance art to fight back against the saying that "human beings are the center of the world", to express a kind of being a person by himself The feeling of bondage. People come with nothing, walk with nothing, what we enjoy is a process of life, we are always pursuing, we have been out of nature for too long! Humans should be a part of nature, and the human body depends on nature and is fragile When my body and the background image melt together, it doesn’t matter whether my body is naked or not. As I wrote in my article: The human body is an autonomous entity that comes from the brain A series of innervation. A person can control his/her body and has the ability to make independent decisions for his/her well-being. God created man in his own way and created all other creatures for human consumption. Life is short, we It should be happy".

I remember that on the day when I watched Huilin’s performance, a man took a DV and was filming the whole process. I thought it was Huilin’s teacher or classmate, but Huilin told me that it was her husband. They got married after they met in Beijing in 1991. "That's another story that allows you to write a romance novel" Hui Lin said with a smile. It has been 1992 years since they got married in XNUMX. Their relationship is very good. The husband didn’t understand her performance art at first, but he did not oppose her with respect. After participating in several activities, he changed his views. Her most important supporter.

Hui Lin is still continuing to study. After graduating one year later, she will choose a high school to teach art. Three years later, when the husband retires, they will bring their daughter back to Beijing to settle. They hope that their daughter will learn more about Chinese culture and understand the culture of the world from multiple angles. Huilin may continue to run her mountain climbing club, and may continue her performance art creation. We look forward to her new harvest!

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