Chinese local tycoons hold thousands of mansions in the Gold Coast housing market to celebrate the new year – Australian News – Sydney

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        各大州府城市的拍卖市场正处于沉寂之中,要等到学校开学之后才会恢复生气,但黄金海岸,得益于中国土豪的加持,一月It became a very busy time.This year, buyer confidence in capital cities may begin to spread to this representative leisure market.
         Since the global financial crisis, many local properties have been forced to sell at a loss; this is one of the hardest hit areas in the leisure and vacation market in Australia.

         However, optimistic real estate agents predict that the Gold Coast market will soon reverse, as the local housing market has already ushered in a good start in 2014. In mid-January, Tom Offermann Real Estate was the largest real estate auction event in three years and sold 1 properties with a total value of 5 million yuan.
        Prices are expected to remain stable
        monitor(APM)的资深经济学家韦尔森(Andrew Wilson)并不认为黄金海岸的房价会短期内上涨,但他认为价格已经企稳,买家活动也增加。近期有更多标价数百万元的豪宅成功售出。

        Overseas buyers spot luxury homes
        LJ Hooker的执行长施米尔(Georg Chmiel)说,高端中国买家正寻找1000万左右的房子,而他们青睐的置业地点包括黄金海岸、和墨尔本的东区。此外,Offermann称,上周五的拍卖盛会也吸引到了瑞士、中东和纽西兰的By.
        Ray White Surfers Paradise将1月底举行其一年一度的黄金海岸拍卖展销会,该公司的执行长贝尔(Andrew Bell)说,这场盛会正好赶上中国农历春节。“中国买家认为我们舒适的生活方式和亚气候给黄金海岸的住宅带来了很大的额外价值。”
         贝尔说,黄金海岸的市场状况正处八年来的最好水平,2014年的拍卖展销会将从1月27日开始,豪宅拍卖May 1Palazzo ce held.

        (1688 News Network)

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