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Australia Daily

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(From this newspaper) Although China's economic growth rate was better than expected, the Australian stock market closed down slightly on Monday. However, mining stocks continued to gain the favor of investors and bucked the market and rose.

Before a series of Chinese economic data were released at 1 pm on Monday, Australian stocks were sold. The latest data released by China shows that China’s economic growth rate last year was 7.7%, slightly better than expected, and Australian stocks recovered some of their losses. As of Monday's close, 200 Australian stocks fell slightly by 0.2% to close at 5295 points. The composite index also closed negative by the same margin.

The metals and mining sector bucked the market and rose 0.7%, while the financial sector fell 0.3%. Investors continued to withdraw from the banking sector and switched to the investment source sector. The four major banks fell across the board, but the two mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto became dazzling stars on the Australian stock market on Monday. The stock price of the former rose 11 sen to close at 38 yuan; the stock price of the latter also increased 17 sen to close at 66.49 yuan.

Morgans senior trader Luke McElwaine said: "Westpac Bank and National Bank did not have dividends before the middle of the year, so some funds have been transferred from them to BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto has just released a gratifying quarterly production report, BHP Billiton shares There was also a good performance last week. The stock performance of medium-sized miners may not be as strong as large-scale mining stocks, but I think the growth momentum has changed."

It was the weak Australian dollar that contributed to the mining stocks. Soon after the release of China’s economic data, the Australian dollar briefly traded above 88 US cents. However, early on Monday, the Australian dollar once set a three-and-a-half-year low at 87.8 US dollars. Cents.

  Silver Lake Resources是澳股200种中最吸金的个股,其股价飙涨了19%,以69仙作收。在这家总部位于柏斯的矿商更新其全年产量预期后,投资者疯狂买进这支股票。该公司预计一年将生产18-20.5万盎司黄金,或20-22万盎司。在截至2013年6月份的一财年里,Silver Lake Resources共生产15万1000盎司的黄金。

The gold sector was the leader of the Australian stock market on Monday. Newcrest Mining, the country’s largest gold miner, jumped 5.1% and finally closed at 9.7 yuan, continuing the month’s gains.

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