Chinese newlyweds tragically killed in a car accident in Australia and the driver caught in the French Open – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-28 13:44:52 Source: Sydney Original URL  Nikiedit

        Sydney News Australia时间1月28日 据称,于利亚国庆日当天(26日)在昆州一起中国新婚夫妇出车祸双双丧命惨剧。26岁的周先生(Calvin Zhou)和27岁的蔡女士(Grace Cai)驾车等候灯时,不料被一辆汽车追尾导致A car accident.At present, the 29-year-old driver has been charged by the police.

(The picture shows Mr. Zhou and Ms. Cai and his wife)


        This Monday night, a person from East Toowoo29 years old遭到了警方的落案起诉,被控两项在成瘾物质的不良作用下危险驾驶以及致人罪名,该名还被控过度超速和无证驾驶,他今天(本周二)出席ToowooTrial in the Magistrate's Court.

        In addition, it is understood that Mr. Zhou and Ms. Cai have been in Toowoo since they got married in China last year.Live and work.


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