Chinese newlyweds immigrated to Australia and both died in car accident – ​​Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-27 09:39:51 Source: Sydney Original URL  Alisonedit

        悉尼讯 澳洲东部时间1月27日 一对新婚的夫妇努力实现他们的澳洲梦,可是就在澳洲日当天,两人在昆州东南部等候交通灯时被撞身亡。

        At about 4:45 yesterday morning, 27-year-old Grace C和26岁的Calvin Zhou在Toowoomba等候交通灯时,车撞下他们的蓝色车子,导致他们的车子撞Ruthven St的一棵树,两人双双死亡。

        It is reported that the young couple met and fell in love when they came to Australia to study 5 years ago. Last year, they returned to China to get married, and then bought a chain of Sunshine Kebabs in Toowoomba and prepared to settle in Australia.

         Kebab店的同事Sukhdeep Kaur Sony听到夫妇俩死亡的非常震惊,她表示,这对夫妇人非常好,乐于助人,“她给我看过她的结婚照,他们在一起真的很幸福,两人还计划要孩子,她说想要个店,赚了钱再买房,两人共创美好未来。一般下,他们都是轮班的,一个晚上工作,一个白天开店,我不知道为什么那天早上两人在一起,但可能上帝决定要带走他们两个。”

         It is reported that their relatives still live in China, and the police are further investigating the accident.


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