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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:12

  A newly married Chinese immigrant couple was working hard to realize their Australian dream, but on the Australian National Day, the two were killed when they were driving a car at a red light in Toowoomba in southeastern Queensland.
At about 4:45 in the morning last Sunday, 27-year-old Grace Cai (transliteration) and 26-year-old Calvin Zhou (transliteration) drove their blue cars to wait for traffic on Ruthven St in Toowoomba When the lights were turned on, they were hit by a car, causing their car to lose control and hit a tree on the street, and the couple died.
It is reported that the young couple met when they came to Australia to study accounting five years ago, and then fell in love. Last year, they returned to China to get married, and then bought a chain of Sunshine Kebabs in Toowoomba, ready to settle in Australia.
Kebab's colleague Sukhdeep Kaur Sony was shocked when she heard the news of the couple's death. She said that Ms. Cai is very cute and very helpful. "She showed me her wedding photos and they are really happy together." Soni said that the two also planned to have children after Toowoomba settled down. "She said she wanted to buy the store first, and then buy a house after earning money. The two will create a better future together." Soni said. She was shocked when she heard the bad news of the couple's sudden death.
"Usually, they work in shifts, working one night, and opening a shop during the day... I don't know why the two were together that morning. Maybe God decided to take them away.
Several neighbors claimed to have heard the crash of a car. In the early hours of the morning, the loud noise spread several blocks away.
Sunshine Kebabs human resources manager Muhammed Isbil said that the couple are always very happy. "I still can't believe the bad news," he said. "She (Ms. Cai) is always happy. I just spoke to them on the weekend."
The death of the couple shocked the entire Toowoomba, and the local church said it would pray for their families. It is reported that their relatives are still living in China, and the police are further investigating the accident.
The police crash investigation unit inspected the accident scene on the day of the accident and found that the collision was so strong that the couple's car directly rushed into a jacaranda tree in front of the Cunningham Motel.
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The driver of the white car was a 29-year-old East Toowoomba resident. He was admitted to Toowoomba Base Hospital after the accident. Although he was injured, he was not life-threatening. The police have already questioned him.
The investigation continues.

Source: Australian News Network