Chinese immigrant couple died in a rear-end collision and hit a tree while driving on National Day

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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:12

  一对新婚的中国移民夫妇正在努力打拼以实现他们的澳梦,可是Australia,两人开着车在东南部Toowoomba等When he was hit and killed.
  日凌晨4点45分左右,27岁的格蕾丝·蔡(Grace Cai,音译)和26岁的凯文·周(Calvin Zhou,音译)驾驶他们的蓝色汽车在Toowoomba的Ruthven St等候交通灯时,被一辆车撞上,导致他们的车子失控撞上了街边的一棵树,夫妇俩双双身亡。   
    据悉,这对年轻的夫妇5年前到澳留学修读会计专业时相识,后来坠入爱河。去年,他们回到中国结婚,随后在Toowoomba买下了一家Sunshine Kebabs的连锁店,准备在澳Settled down.
  Kebab's colleague Sukhdeep Kaur Sony was shocked when she heard the news of the couple's death.She said that Ms. Cai is very cute and very helpful. "She showed me her wedding photos and they are really happy together." Soni said that the two also planned to have children after Toowoomba settled down. "She said she wanted to buy the store first, and then buy a house after earning money. The two will create a better future together." Soni said, when she heard the bad news of the couple's sudden death, she was very shocked.
  "Usually, they work in shifts, working one night, and opening a shop during the day... I don't know why the two were together that morning. Maybe God decided to take them away."
  Several neighbors claimed to have heard the crash. In the wee hours of the morning, the loud noise spread several blocks away.
  Sunshine Kebabs human resources manager Muhammed Isbil said that the couple are always very happy. "I still can't believe the bad news," he said. "She (Ms. Cai) is always very happy. I just spoke to them on the weekend."
  The death of the couple shocked the entire Toowoomba, and the local church said it would pray for their families.It is reported that their relatives are still living in China,正在进一步调查该事故。
  的撞车事故调查单位于事故发生The scene of the car accident was inspected and it was found that the collision was so strong that the couple’s car rushed directly into the front of the Cunningham Motel.Jacaranda tree.
中國新婚夫婦移民澳Hard work 2.jpg
  驾驶那辆白色汽车的是一名29岁的East Toowoomba居民,他在事故后被送入Toowoomba Base Hospital,虽然受伤,但没有生命危险。已经对他进行了问话。
  The investigation continues.

Source: Australianews site

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