Young people in Sydney climbed to the top of the city in order to put the stimulating pictures on the Internet – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-28 10:44:48 Source: Sydney Original URL  Niki

        Sydney News On January 1, Eastern time, it was alleged that a wave of shooting thrilling pictures on the roofs of buildings and other dangerous places had hit Sydney.们为了要拍到这种摄人眼球的刺激视频以及图片,甘愿冒着生命危险爬上大厦楼顶。在拍到之后,便“炫耀式”地将这些照片张贴在社交媒体网站上,比如Instagram。

(The picture shows the youngster climbing onto the top of the Darling Harbour building, overhead shot)

        This craze has become more and more "loved" in Sydney. There are more than a dozen social media websites filled with young people under the age of 16.周围楼顶上的照片。目前,海外以及澳大利亚其他州的警方已对这种致命热潮发出警报,但还是不断有令人震惊的图片出现在网站上。据称,去年12月,一名23岁的芝加哥男子在楼顶拍照片时不幸身亡。

(This dangerous boom has moved from Europe andSpread to Sydney)



(Some children even sneak into the train control room to take pictures)

        NSW交易的一位女表示,如果有孩子非法进入,并登上楼顶,的行为将会被报告给警方。“攀爬很显然是非常危险的,你永远都无法得知这些楼顶的具体情况,很有可能那里刚下过雨非常滑,又或者说那里的建筑已经有些松散了,这Very dangerous. "Redfern Commander Luke Freudenstein said.


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