Xi Jinping welcomes the New Year with non-party people

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Posted on Friday, January 2014, 1 24:14

        CPC政治局常委、全国政协主席俞正声,中共blinkled hard,副总理张高丽出席。

        National RevolutionChairman Wan Exiang, China Democratic LeagueChairman Zhang Baowen, China Democratic National Construction AssociationChairman Chen Changzhi, MinjinChairman Yan Junqi, Peasants and Workers PartyChairman Chen Zhu, Zhi Gong PartyChairman Wan Gang, Jiu San SocietyChairman Han Qide, Taiwan League主席林文漪、全国工商联主席王钦敏和无党派人士林毅夫、邓中翰等应邀出席。

        Chen Zhu各民主党派, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and people without party affiliation delivered speeches.He pointed out that in 2013, the CCP with Comrade Xi Jinping as its general secretaryLeading the people of the whole country to fight in unity, the beginning of the strategy has been decided, and the victory in the first battle has been achieved.The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made overall arrangements for deepening reforms as a society with Chinese characteristics.参政党,我们一定要与中国共产党风雨同舟、肝胆相照,做挚友、做诤友,讲真话、建诤言,加强自身建设,旗帜鲜明支持改革,既要献良策,也要出大力,彰显中国共产党领导的多党合作和政治协商制度的旺盛活力。Put forward opinions and suggestions on strengthening the democratic supervision of non-party personalities.

        After listening to Comrade Chen Zhu's speech, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech. He first said that in a few days, it will be the Chinese New Year of the Horse in the lunar calendar. I read two pairs of Spring Festival couplets published in newspapers for everyone. One is "A horse chasing the wind to raise the spirit, the winter plum and snow see the spirit", and the other is "Hold your mane up, the horse dances in the east wind, and pursue your dreams; Dou Han Aoxue , The red plum blossoms the earth and realizes the revival".

        习近平指出,2013年,对我们国家来说,是很不平凡的一年。面对复杂多变的国际形势和艰巨繁重的国内改革发展稳定任务,中国共产党紧紧依靠包括各民主党派、工商联和无党派人士在内的全国各族人民,共同战胜了各种困难和挑战,取得了新的显著成就。在过去的一年里,各民主党派、工商联和无党派人士适应时代要求,充分发挥自身优势,主动奋发有为,同中国共产党一道,推动统一战线和多党合作事业向前发展,为全面建成小康社会作出了新的贡献。习近平CPC,向各民主党派、工商联和无党派人士,向统一战线广大Express my heartfelt thanks.


        Xi Jinping emphasized that deliberative democracy is theAn important part of democratic politics is our society民主政治的特有形式和独特优势,也是中国共产党执政和决策的重要方式。希望同志们更加主动发展好协商民主,不断提高协商民主成效和水平。中国共产党各级组织特别是领导We must adopt a broad-minded, equal mentality, and democratic style to broaden the opinions and wisdom of the people, enrich the form of consultation democracy, enhance the effectiveness of democratic consultation, and create favorable conditions for democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and people without party affiliation to play their roles.

        Xi Jinping pointed out that upholding and developing a society with Chinese characteristics, Requires the Communist Party of China to strengthen its own construction, and also requires the participating parties to strengthen its own construction.I hope that comrades can accurately grasp the construction of a society with Chinese characteristicsThe basic requirements of participating parties, inherit the fine traditions, grasp the requirements of the times, continuously improve the ability to grasp politics, the ability to participate in and discuss politics, the ability to organize leadership, the ability to cooperate and work together, and strive to bring Chinese characteristics to a society参政党建设提高到一个新的水平。

        In the end, Xi Jinping encouraged the attendees with the spirit of a long horse, ten thousand horses, fast horses, and horses to succeed.

        Li Zhanshu, the democratic parties, The relevant person in charge of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce,Responsible comrades participate in activities.

Source: Xinhuanet

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