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2014-01-29 10: 51: 56


Australia Daily

Editor in charge: Catherine

(From this newspaper) As the fragile emerging markets have not encountered new shocks, global investors were greatly relieved overnight, and the Australian stock market rose sharply after the opening on Wednesday.

At 10:14 am Sydney Eastern Time on Wednesday, the Australian stock market jumped 38 points to 5213.2 points, or 0.7%. All sectors are showing a trend of opening higher, with the raw materials sector and healthcare sector leading the rise.

After Australia announced an unexpectedly strong business climate index and the United States announced weaker-than-expected data, the exchange rate of the Australian dollar to the US dollar has remained above 87 US cents. At 7 am on Wednesday, the Australian dollar was trading at 87.72 US cents, slightly lower than Tuesday's 87.76 US cents.

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