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Source: Beijing Times|
Editor: Beibei

Business is closed during the day and construction is started at night; the sewage discharge has developed from "extensive" to "refined", and the sewage pipeline "changes a place with one shot." If it hadn't been seen in the rural areas of Henan, Tianjin and other places, it would be hard to believe that rural enterprises also played a "high IQ". Rural polluting enterprises used underground concealed pipes and seepage wells to fought a "guerrilla war" in sewage discharge. In some areas, the consequences of cancer in cattle deformities have even appeared.

Polluting rural enterprises fought guerrilla warfare

At the end of 2013, the reporter followed environmental protection volunteers to explore many rivers and canals in Xinxiang, Henan Province on foot, and found that some underground pipelines continuously discharged sewage into Hanoi. Some of the sewage was black or red, and bubbles gathered at the river entrance. Exudes a pungent smell.

Litun Village, Muye District, Xinxiang City was originally a farming village. Over the past few years, hundreds of galvanizing plants and electric vehicle companies have moved here due to increased environmental protection efforts in the local county.

The reporter pushed open a local courtyard with a closed gate and found that there were six or seven small electroplating workshops. The rust-stained sulfuric acid water was poured directly on the ground and drained along the hidden tube in the corner, not far away. A signboard for "Drinking Water Source Primary Protection Area".

Tian Guirong, founder of the Xinxiang Folk Environmental Protection Volunteer Association, said that these companies often shut down during the day and start work at night to drain sewage; the sewage pipes "fire one shot and change a place"; some small workshops were closed down today and reopened tomorrow. Absolutely.

Located in the northeast of Tianjin, Xiditou Town is a gathering place for well-known local chemical companies. In 2005, many villagers suffered from cancer due to environmental pollution, which was exposed by the media and became the focus of environmental protection departments' centralized rectification. Not long ago, the reporter visited Xititou town three times. There are hidden small-scale chemical factories on the edge of the village and used underground concealed pipes to directly discharge sewage into the river many times.

In Xiditou Village, Xiditou Town, the reporter found a newly built small courtyard in the middle of a vegetable greenhouse. The courtyard is tall and the gate is closed. The courtyard is full of processing equipment, chemical raw materials and products. An underground pipe led out from the courtyard, and the strong-smelling black water drained directly into the small river nearby.

Shao Chaofeng, deputy director of the Environmental Planning and Evaluation Institute of Nankai University, said that the threshold for urban environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and many heavy-polluting companies have moved to the countryside to pursue excessive profits and wanton discharge of pollutants has led to frequent occurrence of sudden environmental pollution incidents.