time:2010-03-06source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye


Dr. Zhang Ye and his campaign team
Dr. Zhang Ye and his campaign team

Open my material library before sending Now I have lived in Australia for more than four years, and there are almost no news pictures about the living conditions of overseas Chinese. I have been engaged in the photography industry for more than ten years. I have photographed many subjects, such as scenery, flowers, stage, portraits...all works They are all focused on aesthetics, but when shooting tactile social news, I always took an evasive attitude in the past. I personally think that there are too many dark sides of society, and too much shooting will make people’s minds gray and dim. No color color. And a sentence from a film friend touched me. He said: "Focusing on the state of human existence and shooting images with historical value is a sublimation of the photographer's realm and a mission..." I may miss the prize in this competition, but I decided to accumulate materials about the living conditions of the Chinese in Australia from now on.

Action is worse than heart. I heard that the "Chinese Club" organizes activities for the elderly every Wednesday and Thursday move,5Month2Sunday (Wednesday), I happily headed to James Street with my camera on my back (James St)’S "Chinese Club", upstairs, inside The face is empty, I think maybe the old people are all on William Street (William St)’S "Songbai Center". When I passed by before, I saw old people singing in it, so I went to the "Songbaizhong "Heart", I saw a staff member reading the newspaper inside at the door, where are the activities of the elderly. At this time, the sky started to rain lightly, and the breeze and drizzle passed by, making people feel lonely, I think Maybe my information has Wrong. I called a friend’s father. He and his wife are old members of the Chinese Club. The friend’s father told me that every Wednesday is a gathering of Cantonese-speaking elderly people, and every Thursday is a gathering of Mandarin-speaking elderly people. And he He and his old friends usually make appointments to play mahjong in the "cultural center". I stated that I wanted to take some photos of old people’s cultural life, and my friend’s father happily made an appointment with me for the next day, which is5Month3Sunday (Thursday)11 : 00Meet at the "cultural center".

The next day I sent my son to kindergarten, and ate lunch in the car that I bought on the road. It was on time at eleven. Entering the "Cultural Center", there is only one elder in the center walking around with a wheelchair, and there are four elders sitting in the side hall. I did not see my friend’s parents. At this time, a staff member came and asked about me. Friend's parents and long The participants were pulled out for an outing by the relevant staff of the club early in the morning. Only a few elderly people who were inconvenient to walk were left here, and she didn’t know the specific locations of the elders... I was a little confused now, and I waited until the evening to call Only for friends I know, the old people don’t know why this arrangement was suddenly made. In the past, they only knew that there were activities at the hall at a fixed time. As for what activities they had to do, the shooting plan fell through again!

The phone rang. It was from Dr. Zhang Ye. He said that he would participate in the election of the president of the "Chinese Association" this year. invite Invite me to join them5Month6Sunday (Sunday) lunch at the "Cultural Center". "Chinese Guild Hall" president election? this is a What a great subject, my mood immediately cleared up.

On Sunday, I arrived at the "Cultural Center" on time. The center is already lively, men, women and children Talking and laughing, Dr. Zhang Ye is

Compete with him The cadres of the selection team are busy in the crowd...I have read Zhang in the newspaper before Dr. Ye’s masterpiece "Some Thoughts on the Future Development of the Chinese Guild Hall". After taking a few photos, I asked Dr. Zhang Ye why he was running for the chairman of the “Chinese Guild Hall”. Dr. Zhang Ye said seriously and sincerely: "I I just hope that the Chinese people can give me and My team has an opportunity to serve everyone and build the Chinese Club into a real Chinese home. We will use all our energy to accomplish this great mission! "

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