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On January 1, Brother Shun and Pippi returned home after selling their breakfast at Lugulinyu Community in Changsha City.

Today, two 7-year-old children selling braised eggs in Hexi, Changsha, have become popular. They have been viewed more than 800 million times on Tencent Weibo.

Weibo claimed that the two children’s "Brother Shun’s marinated eggs" were sold at a price of 1 yuan per 1 yuan. In less than half an hour, more than 7 marinated eggs were sold out. The stall owner is called "Brother Shun," and his partner Pipi is a first-year student of Lugu Mingde School, and they both live in the Poly Lugulin language community. With the support of the mother of "Brother Shun", the two children went to the Lugu Industrial Park in Changsha at around XNUMX:XNUMX this morning and sold the marinated eggs. It is also a social practice during the holiday.

Counting fingers to calculate change

On the morning of the 16th, when the reporter rushed to the Changsha Lugu Industrial Park, Brother Shun and Pippi had already closed their stalls and went home.

At home, Brother Shun’s mother Liu Binwei is calculating the cost for the children. "Buying eggs, mung beans, as well as the gas, electricity, seasoning, and car fees are all costs." Liu Binwei explained to the children carefully, although their income for more than half an hour is more than 32 yuan, but Excluding the overhead, only XNUMX yuan is left. The two children are holding a pile of crumpled change, you and I will divide it.

"I just want to let the child exercise and give him a real entrepreneurial experience, so the cost is very strict." Liu Binwei said, in fact, she drove the child to the stall in the morning and did not leave. She kept hiding in the car, secretly protecting children.

Liu Binwei discovered that after she left, the two children had both hands in their pockets at first, and they were afraid to speak, let alone shout. It wasn't until the first person came up that they started to divide the work, one to collect the money and the other to get the goods. An egg is one yuan, and a cup of mung beans is two yuan. Because he brought a disposable paper cup for household use, Liu Binwei specifically stated on the signboard that "the cup is small, please add it if you don't have enough."

"The two children are very smart. A little girl took a lunch box to buy porridge. They stopped doing it and said to the little girl,'Sister, you will charge you four yuan for such a big bowl.'" Liu Binwei said. Since the children are only in the first grade, when they are looking for money, they have to count their fingers for a while, and the denomination of the money cannot exceed 20 yuan.

Other moms want to "open a branch"

The practice of Shun Shun’s mother also sparked discussion among the community owners. Some parents also wanted to join the ranks of selling marinated eggs, jokingly saying “open several branches” to exercise their children. There are also parents who questioned: With such a small child, let them see the importance of money. What if they just want to make money and not study?

In this regard, Liu Binwei is very open, she thinks that as long as the communication is good. Before Brother Shun sold the braised eggs, they discussed the location and price of the stall in advance. She also taught the children some sales techniques and precautions. Communicate with them in advance, and ask them to figure out their own solutions when encountering difficulties. Liu Binwei believes that through the half-hour exercise, the two children are much more generous and more careful about money. This time they collected all the money they made and were reluctant to spend it. "Anything has advantages and disadvantages, as long as the parents grasp the degree, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages." Liu Binwei thinks.


Plan some for kids

Organized event

Professor Guo Ping, a PhD in psychology from Central South University, suggests that it is best for younger children to participate in organized activities. For example, selling newspapers, if the parents take their children personally, it is easy for the children to be frustrated and rejected. And like the newspaper selling organized by a newspaper office, this kind of activity is organized, has division of labor, has appraisal, and has counseling. It can cultivate children's abilities in all aspects in an all-round way while ensuring safety. For example, the newsboys in the United States are very famous. They have developed to the present day with a relatively complete system, organized and regulated by rules. Many presidents and celebrities in the United States have served as newsboys.

The Sociology Expert of Hunan Academy of Social Sciences believes that we can learn from foreign community models: "Foreign communities will organize children to carry out a variety of community service activities. Our community work can learn from this model and organize community children to hold some Continuous and long-term activities can enrich and regularize children's social activities."


educate children

Integrity management

A parent told reporters that she had touched a newspaper boy to sell newspapers, and stopped looking for it for 5 yuan. She also claimed to show her love to them. This parent said that he felt like begging in disguise, completely deviating from the original intention of exercising the child.

Danni, the national secondary psychological counselor and director of the Changsha Qiushi Education Consulting Center, believes that the most important thing for children to participate in such activities is to abide by the rules of the game, not only to abide by the law, but also to know how to operate with integrity and fair transactions. This requires parents to educate in practice. When he sells a 5 cents newspaper for 5 yuan, parents need to guide their children to refund customers, not encourage them.