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A few weeks ago I ended my interview with Mr. Chen Rongkuan. I used to do interviews with people, and I was always worried about insufficient information. And this time, holding a large stack of materials that Mr. Chen has prepared carefully, he doesn't know how to start. Later, when the manuscript of the interview was not complete, Mr. Chen sent home specialty tea to express his gratitude, so that my heart was always full of guilt. This morning, it was rainy and rainy, bringing a long-lost breath of writing. I think it's time to sit down quietly, hold a cup of hot tea, and walk into the story of Mr. Chen for most of his life.

Mr. Chen was born in a village in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province in 1936. Being able to go to school was a gift from heaven to the children of that era who loved literature. With a total of 10 years of studying in elementary school and junior high school, Mr. Chen seized every opportunity to approach literature and art and studied desperately. Since the age of 18, he has participated in collective labor and social work in the countryside, serving as a clerical and cultural education. For the following 24 years, Mr. Chen has been engaged in work related to culture, education and publicity. During this period, he was keen to try various literary creations. In 1959, he composed other poems such as "Auntie Going to the Meeting" and "Auntie Watching the Lamp", which were all awarded. The rap he created has been published in "Minzhong News", "Provincial Culture and Art", "Jinjiang Literature and Art". In 1960, he wrote a poem: "One person has one wisdom, two people come to discuss, three people design together, and the machines are everywhere." It was published in "Minzhong News" and "Quanzhou News", and was published by the Fujian Provincial Literature and Art Monthly Magazine "Hot Wind". "Reproduced.

Until 1978, Mr. Chen Rongkuan was transferred to work in Jinjing Town Theater.

From 1981 to 1995, Mr. Chen was rated as the advanced worker of film propaganda in Jinjiang City.

In 1988, the 53-year-old Mr. Chen did not want to rest, but chose to continue to explore the cultural career he loves and joined the Jinjiang Lantern Riddle Association. In October 1990, he participated in the Jinjiang Overseas Chinese Hometown Enigma Meeting, and made a lantern riddle: the face of the puzzle is "Lan" (Guess a domestic movie) and the answer is "Lost Wind". This riddle won the title of "Excellent Riddle Maker" in individual competition and was published in the 10th issue of "Jinjiang Mystery Garden".

Throughout the first half of his life, Mr. Chen was born on the eve of the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan. His growth period spanned major events such as the Civil War, the founding of the country, the Great Leap Forward, three-year natural disasters, the Cultural Revolution, and reform and opening up. Many people may sigh for Mr. Chen, lamenting that he was born out of time. But I think that under such a historical background, Mr. Chen can always engage in the industry he loves. I have to say that he is quite lucky.

Speaking of the operas he had created, Mr. Chen proudly spoke of the grand occasion that was strongly demanded by the audience to perform repeatedly. Eight "model plays" proposed by the central government in 1966, including the Peking Opera "Red Lantern", "Taking the Tiger Mountain out of Wisdom", "Shajiabang", "Harbour", "A surprise attack on the White Tigers", and the ballet "Red Detachment of Women" , "White Haired Girl" and "Symphonic Music" and "Shajiabang" have further restrained people's spiritual world and stifled people's beautiful yearning for culture and art. Since Mr. Chen was transferred to work in theaters in 8, no matter what his background, he has never given up being close to the career he loves. Create opportunities without opportunities. Whenever he saw the popularity of a drama; whenever he saw the audience smiling enthusiastically, he was very pleased.

In 1995, Mr. Chen opened a new page in his life.

December 1995, 12 was an unforgettable day. Mr. Chen, who is nearly 9 years old, and his wife came to Perth, Western Australia to visit relatives for the first time, and in February 60 submitted an Australian permanent resident application form. Finally, on May 1997, 2, Mr. Chen and his wife once again came to Western Australia and settled here. They have joined various activities organized by the Western Australia Chinese Association, the Great China Association and the Fujian Association of Hometowns, and have won many awards in various essay competitions organized by this newspaper. On October 2003, 5, Mr. Chen participated in the tenth anniversary essay competition of "The Australian Times" and won the first prize for his article "<The Times> Loved Me". Mr. Chen was very excited at the time. He said: "The Times has gone through its first ten years. In the second ten years, when he was 5 years old, he will continue to write and continue to contribute!"

A few days ago, Australia's popular TV show "Master Chef", which even gave way to election debates, made the 31-year-old lawyer Adam Liaw famous. But few people know that after entering the top 2 and XNUMX, Adam struggled with the decision whether to abandon the industry of media lawyers and continue to participate in the competition. "Don't do jobs that you hate or hate." In modern society, various social realities suppress ideals. Some people may say that only XNUMX% of people in the world can turn their interests into careers. However, often nothing can be done unless you love it. Therefore, the judges said that Adam’s meals are “heart-and-hearted” and are the result of hard work.

Most people are working to make money, working for life, working as a last resort, and treating work without enthusiasm. One worm at get off work, one dragon at work. Just ask, how can such a person succeed and be happy? Success requires going all out, going all out requires you to have great enthusiasm and interest in it. There will be setbacks in the process of success. If the career you are doing is not your interest and you don't like it, it will be difficult to stick to it. Regardless of the time when the free pursuit of spiritual culture is severely restricted, or in the absence of language in the hometown, Mr. Chen always strives to find a platform to turn his interest into work. Some people say that the ideal job should meet the following conditions:

1. Time is free and unconstrained;

2. Freedom of income, increased by your own efforts;

3. Be able to contact people and make friends;

4. Be able to learn and grow, and constantly improve yourself;

5. Be able to travel around the world and travel to different places;

6. It is helpful to others, and I often share myself with others;

7. The cause itself can live forever and will not disappear because of my passing away.

In my opinion, Mr. Chen is like this. He perseveres in the work he loves because of his great enthusiasm for this industry. Because of this, the difficulties can be overcome no matter what the situation, and people will not get lost. I believe that the 82-year-old Mr. Chen will continue to write and continue to contribute. Dear reader, what do you think?

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