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【Introduction】Scotch single malt is the purest and brightest color among all whiskeys. The brewing and distillation process inherited for hundreds of years, coupled with the long-term circulation in the silent oak barrels, has made the single malt whisky extremely precious. As a result, it has become the liquid gold that many successful people are vying to collect. Based on the principle of "not for the best, but for the most expensive", today let us take a look at the ten most expensive single malt whiskies that were, are, or will be in the future.

1. Springbank 1919/50 Year Old
Genting 1919 (market price is equivalent to about 50 yuan)

Genting Distillery comes from Campbeltown, Scotland. This famous Genting was once the long-term holder of the Guinness Record for the most expensive whiskey in the world. It is the rarest single malt whisky ever issued by the distillery, 1919 Only 24 bottles were bottled in 1970. It has undoubtedly become a precious historical relic in the World Whiskey Museum. The price after tax in the UK is as high as 5 pounds.

2. Macallan 1928/50 Year Old
McAllen 1928 (market price equivalent to about 5.9 yuan)

The Macallan is known as the "Rolls Royce of Whiskey" and is one of the most successful whisky producers in Highland. When it was first released in 1983, it was only about 50 pounds. The number of 500 bottles had an alcohol content of 38.6, which was lower than the standard 40% of single malt whiskey. But over the years, Macallan's fame has greatly increased, once becoming the leader of the world's most expensive whiskey. The price in London is now as high as £6,000.

3. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955
Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts1955 (market price is equivalent to about 47 yuan)

In 2012, Janet Sheed Roberts, granddaughter of Glenfiddich founder William Grant, passed away at the age of 110. In order to commemorate the longest-lived lady in Scotland, the company's executives specially released a barrel of whiskey aged on New Year's Eve 1955 in her name. . There are only 15 bottles in the world, 4 bottles are collected by the family, and only 11 bottles are in circulation. This 55-year-old single malt whisky has become the undisputed treasure of major whiskey collectors.

4. Dalmore 62
Damo 62 (market price is equivalent to about 35 yuan)

In 1943, the Dalmore Distillery in the Scottish Highlands issued 12 bottles of top single malt whisky. The malt ages of this batch of wines were from 1868,1876,1926, 1939, 62 and 2002. Each bottle was given its own unique name. Model 3.2 is called Matheson, and its name is derived from the name of Alexander Matheson, the owner of the winery. In 2011, an anonymous person bought the Pennyhill Park Hotel in the UK for the first time for 25 pounds. In XNUMX, the last bottle was bought by a Chinese businessman at Singapore Changi International Airport for XNUMX US dollars.

5. The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique
Macallan's 64-year-old crystal bottled whisky (the auction price is equivalent to about 278 million yuan)

This 64-year-old bottle of whiskey is the oldest wine in the history of the Macallan Distillery. When it was sold at a charity auction in 2010 for a sky-high price ($46), it instantly became the most expensive Scotland in the world. Single malt whisky. The shape is exquisite. It is a crystal wine bottle made by glassware master Rene Lalique using the dewaxing process. It is also a work of art specially made to celebrate Lalique’s birthday. So in addition to the precious wine, the wine bottle itself is also very collectible. value.

6. Glenfiddich 50 Year Old
Glenfiddich 50 years (market price equivalent to about 97 yuan)

This 50-year-old Glenfiddich may not be the most expensive whisky in the world, but it is definitely the most expensive Scottish single malt in circulation on the market. It was bottled in 1991, with a total circulation of only 500 bottles. It came from a blend of oak barrels from two different vintages in 1955 and 1957. The winery is extremely strict with the global circulation of the wine, and only 10 bottles will be allocated within 50 years. The body of each bottle is decorated with Scottish silver flakes, sealed with round wax relief, and the gift box is made of handmade leather.

7. Mortlach 70 Years Old
Motrak 70 years (market price equivalent to about 17 yuan)

Described as the oldest single malt whisky in the world, there is a proverb in Scotland "the wood makes whisky", which shows the importance of oak barrel aging for whiskey. This Mortlach was aged 70 years in Spanish oak barrels since 1938. In 54, after three generations of the Urquhart family, the owner of the winery, only XNUMX bottles were successfully bottled.

8. Highland Park 50 Years Old
Plateau Rider 50 years (market price is equivalent to about 10 yuan)

The 50-year bottle design of the Highland Knights is perhaps the most eye-catching creation in the world. It is like a silver ribbon flowing around the bottle. The Arabic numeral 50 is engraved in it. The overall sense is like the intricately intertwined century-old tree and vine. With an alcohol content of 44.8%, it is listed as one of the most collectible whiskies by many industry experts. It was first distilled in 1960, and only 50 bottles were bottled 275 years later. The color is deep red, and the taste is similar to syrup, with a complex and delicious flavor of spices.

9. Bowmore 1957/54 Years Old
Pomore in 1957 (the auction price was equivalent to about 99.5 yuan)

Pomore is the first whisky distillery in Islay, Scotland, with a history of more than 200 years. The wine was initially preserved for its distinctive characteristics, and then, like a sleeping beauty who slept in top oak barrels for more than half a century, it was finally awakened and bottled in 2011. This Pomeranian 1957 is not only Pomeranian The longest-aged wine in the distillery is also the oldest single malt whisky in the entire Islay, with only 12 bottles. The first auction price was £XNUMX.

10. The Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey /50 Years old
Japan Yamazaki single malt whisky (market price is equivalent to about 7.8 yuan)

The Yamazaki Distillery under the Suntory Group is one of the leading Japanese whiskies. Although the price of this Yamazaki 50-year-old is difficult to compare with its internationally renowned Scottish predecessors, it is definitely the Everest in the Himalayas of Japanese whiskey, and it is the oldest and most expensive single malt whisky in Japan. The number of 150 bottles is the best wine for Japanese whisky lovers to worship.