Australia ranks 12 among the world's best eaters

Published 16 January 2014, 14:14 AEST

According to the latest ranking of Oxfam, an international development and rescue organization, Australia ranks 12th among the world's best eating countries.

Oxfam's latest ranking is based on the food supply, quality, ability to pay, and dietary health in various countries. In addition, it also depends on the proportion of underweight children, the variety of food, access to clean water, and negative factors such as obesity and diabetes. The top rankings are almost all European countries, with Australia squeezing into the top 12, as well as Ireland, Italy and Portugal. The United States and Japan failed to enter the top 20.

The Netherlands ranks first in terms of nutrition, food adequacy and health food advantages, followed by France and Switzerland.

According to the latest rankings released by Oxfam on Tuesday, Chad ranked last, followed by Ethiopia and Angola.

Oxfam’s survey shows that global agricultural production can feed all mankind, but at present, one in eight people still sleeps hungry because they cannot buy food or cannot afford it.