Baby crocodile swimming in the Northern Territory scared many parents

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

A 9-month-old baby was unknowingly in the north full of crocodiles水域、臭名昭著的Cahills渡口游水。被上传至Facebook的照片引起了一些人的不满,网友们纷纷表示这个孩子的父母没有责任感。

孩子的母亲、居住在Oenpelli的女子麦肯锡(Haley Mackenzie)说,她对于的伴侣非常信任。她说,孩子是伴侣带出去和友人一同参观钓鱼地点的。

她说:“我知道照片看起来怎么样。一些人告诉我说,照片看起来很危险。其实,当时水位已经了,而孩子riverside,will get . "


From University of Australia公园组织的发言人马歇尔(Margot Marshall)负责管理Cahills渡口的问题。她说,渡口的附近有十分明显的标示牌,上面People are advised not to swim. "The sign alsoIf people钓鱼在哪里比较好。”

Cahills Ferry is located in the East Alligator River, 200 kilometers east of Darwin. It is famous for its large population and density of crocodiles. The saltwater crocodile here is 5 meters long. In 1987, a local man was caught in a river by a big wave because he was fishing at the ferry and was eaten by a huge crocodile.

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