Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time, a prank on NT News about the construction of houses in Darwin lanes was made the headlines of state news as legitimate news, even though the newspaper admitted that it was just an April Fool's Day prank on Monday. It sounds ridiculous, but after laughing, maybe we should leave more time to think.

Reprinting news is sometimes risky, especially for big websites like News Limited. This week’s event is a good proof of how mischievous news from News Limited, a subsidiary of NT News, was published as legal news by other public media.

On April Fools’ Day last Saturday, NT News reported that the Northern Territory’s Minister of Planning issued an announcement stating that Darwin’s laneways will be filled with very small houses to eliminate anti-social behavior in these alleys and promote the development of affordable housing. In the second article on the same April Fool’s Day report, the newspaper also reported: LNG giant Inpex has reached an agreement with NT to build a natural gas pipeline from Darwin to Mandorah.

Both of these were April Fool’s Day prank news, but the real estate news about the laneway was posted on as legitimate news, and the news source did not indicate that it was prank news, just to remind readers of them You can click the link to watch NT News news.

Robert Higgins of LJ Hooker Darwin said that putting aside pranks, the "anti-social behaviors" of Darwin Lanes often appear in newspapers, and lack of purchasing power is also common news, so putting these two together is "April Fool's Day" news. The solution. In fact, this also shows that perhaps we should seriously consider the following two issues.

Higgins said: “Darwin’s laneways were built as sidewalks to connect commercial centers and parks, so that people can walk from one block to another, but these thoughts have become a frequent place for bad behavior. Some laneways have both ends. All are permanently locked, some are only locked at night, others are fine.” (Wendy)

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