Ten people armed with knives rushed into a group of houses at night to kill a man and left arrogantly – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-28 09:57:49 Source: Sydney Original URL  Nikiedit

        悉尼讯 澳洲东部时间1月28日 于1月26日(上周日)在墨尔本发生一起暴力杀人事件,十名青年团伙持大砍刀等武器闯入一处民房内,导致The 20-year-old man was brutally killed, and the other two men and women in the room were chopped to their hands and legs.At present, a group of men have been questioned and investigated by the police.

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        澳洲东部时间1月26日10:00左右,10名青年The weapon broke into Deer Park, and they stopped in front of each otherA yellow box on the road破坏之后,闯进了位于Billingham路上的一处民房内,暴力事件继而发生。房内的20岁男子惨遭杀害,另外两人被砍伤手部和腿部,后被送往医院接受.


        据周边的透露,杀人When he left afterwards, he did not show any panic, but clamoredInsulting and swearing, he walked out of the community "swaggering".According to the police, the attack was not random, and the attacker and the victim knew each other.


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