time:2010-03-04source:The Australian Times Author:Pierre S Yang


Please do not confuse these two elections, because if you are not in the Federation If you vote in the election, you will beAECImpose a fine.

Australia’s government is divided into three levels, federal, state and local governments. The Federal Parliament is elected approximately every three years. In the Federal Parliament, only the Labour PartyPenny wongAnd the LiberalMichael JohnsonHe is of mixed Chinese ethnicity.

The state government uses Western Australia as an example, where elections are held every four years. There has not been a Chinese state legislator. However, there are Chinese state legislators in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Figure.

Local councils are held every two years in Western Australia. beforePerthCity CouncillorMr Vincent TanFirst in Perth Chinese congressman. It is still very rare for Chinese to work in politics in this state. In the east, Chinese are very active in local councils, such as the Mayor of Mexico and the Deputy Mayor of Sydney and many city councillors. Dozens of them are working for the Australian Chinese Set an example in politics.

This year, I myself will run for the electionGosnellsMember of the City Council.GosnellsCity includesLangford,Beckenham,Kenwick,Maddington,Orange Grove,Martin,Gosnells,Southern River,Huntingdale,ThornlieCanning Vale.

I suggest that everyone vote actively. Don't think that the election is voluntary, or that you don't vote if you don't know or know a candidate. It mainly depends on whether the candidate’s policy is correct Your advantage. When you encounter a problem, your representative will do everything possible to help you. I hope Chinese friends can cast your precious vote to me.

Here I have friends who have hope and ability to consider running for your city council. If you are interested in serving the Chinese community, you can participate in the election. Only more and more When our political discourse becomes stronger and stronger, we will be valued and respected by the mainstream. Merging into the mainstream is the way out for the Chinese in Australia, and being in politics is the best way to merge into the mainstream.

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