time:2010-02-12source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye


1991He started working as a clinical intern in Australia since1992Obtained a doctorate in medicine in Australia. 1995Worked for three years in Cleveland Cardiovascular Center, one of the largest cardiovascular centers in the United States,2003Year backFremantleThe hospital is the director of the coronary ventricle,2004Years and4Cardiovascular experts at Murdoch(Murdoch)OpenedCOASTALCardiovascular specialist clinic until now,2005In Royal Perth Hospital(Royal Perth Hospital)Work in the Department of Cardiovascular Ultrasound.

Dr. Xu Xiaofang’s experience is different from that of most overseas students from mainland China. She completed her medical studies in China and became a doctor. After clinical training in China, Australia, and the United States, she eventually became an outstanding cardiologist in Australia. Her success is undoubtedly a good inspiration and reference for every Chinese living and studying in Australia.

This is the original intention of our reporter to interview her.

The interview was conducted in the office of Dr. Xiaofang Xu from Royal Perth Hospital. The room is simple and clean. A stethoscope, a medical record, and a pager are the "basic equipment" of Dr. Xu Xiaofang. Dr. Xu is very busy at work. Even after the off-hours, interviews are interrupted by paging from time to time. While waiting for Dr. Xu, looking around her office, the reporter could not help being attracted by a picture frame on the bookshelf. On it was a picture: Fenghua Zhengmao, signed: Fang Nucun, parents Yu2004year. I was deeply moved by this calligraphy and painting. From the strokes on it, I can see how deeply Xu Xiaofang's parents have placed their daughter on her and how proud of her.

Xu Xiaofang told reporters that her parents really played a vital role in her growth. From5Her parents let her learn the violin since she was young, and the process of learning the violin cultivated her concentration and hardworking perseverance in the future. In addition, she has always been grateful for the idealistic education she received in China, which made her have a clear goal for her future since she was a childGrowing up to be a cardiologist, the sense of responsibility and mission to know what she will do in the future is the secret of her unremitting pursuit of success.

1979In XNUMX, Xu Xiaofang scored well in China’s college entrance examination,5All the volunteers are Shanghai Medical University's resolute entry into the university of medicine. Xu Xiaofang said: The medical training is rigorous, the study is solid and stable, and the self-learning ability has also been cultivated, which has laid a good foundation for studying in Australia in the future. Regarding obtaining an Australian scholarship to study in Australia, she humbly said that she was very lucky. The scholarship allowed her to concentrate on her studies; Australia is a fair and non-discriminatory society, and she is free to choose what she likes to do; she also I am very grateful to the tutor in Australia. When she first came to Australia, she was not good at English, unable to talk, and had never been in touch with a computer. However, she had to use a computer to program during the study process. Her tutor has always helped and encouraged her. At the beginning, Xu Xiaofang wanted to do academic research because he was better at Chinese, and the language pressure was less, and in Australia, it was difficult for overseas doctors to take exams. However, Xu Xiaofang, who was brave enough to challenge himself, liked doing clinical work, and the hospital was exceptional She was given an opportunity to work as a resident doctor, where she could test for the license while working, and she finally successfully obtained the Australian doctor's license. After that, she first rotated to become a specialist in internal medicine, and later trained as a cardiovascular doctor3Years later, he obtained a cardiologist license, and went to work for three years at the Cleveland Cardiovascular Center, one of the three largest cardiovascular centers in the United States, where he mainly studied cardiac ultrasound technology.

2003Xu Xiaofang ended his training in the United States and returned toFremantleThe hospital is the director of the coronary ventricle,2005In Royal Perth Hospital(Royal Perth Hospital)Working in the Department of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, while working in2004Years and4Cardiovascular experts at Murdoch(Murdoch)OpenedCOASTALCardiovascular specialist clinic. When talking about the experience of studying and practicing medicine in hospitals in China, the United States, and Australia, Xu Xiaofang said that the medical systems in the three places are different, and the number of inpatients in Australia is not much compared with that in China and the United States.GPThe system diverts patients, making the hospital stay relatively short.80Resident doctors in China were not very busy in the era, and the relationship with patients was only a short-term doctor-patient relationship. Resident doctors in Australia are very busy. The reason for being busy is not because of the large number of patients, but because they take care of patients comprehensively and meticulously and pay attention to details. Doctors must follow up each patient, continue to understand the patient's condition, and establish a long-term relationship with the patient. The Cleveland Cardiovascular Center in the United States is huge, highly specialized and well-known. Patients come from all over the world.

Dr. Xu Xiaofang focuses on his expertise in cardiac ultrasound and coronary angiography. He also speaks Hokkien, Mandarin, and English. Having such a doctor is not a boon for Chinese living in Western Australia. Dr. Xu Xiaofang said: The most important thing to be a doctor is to establish a relationship of mutual trust and mutual respect with patients. Trust comes from the doctor's spirit of being responsible for the patient and from the good communication between the doctor and the patient. Doctor Xu Xiaofang said: Respect is earned rather than possessed. It was through her patients that the reporter learned that Dr. Xu Xiaofang was very professional and treated every patient with patience and love, and won the respect and trust of every patient.

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