Chinese Businessmen plans to build 72-meter-high luxury hotel, state capital is called "too high and horrible" – Australian News – Sydney

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         Sydney News AustraliaTime January 1 Nhine (维州州长)政府已经拒绝了华商一个颇具争议性的酒店和的开发计划,因为这个开发计划可能会挡住议会大厦的.

         Chinese developer Jinshan Investment Company plans to transform the Palace Theatre, a concert hall on Bourke Street in Melbourne, into a 72-meter-high tower, turning it into the Starwood W Hotel.

        This plan建筑师Bates Smart设计的,并得到了维州旅游Bureau and some other人士的大力支持。但是议会和和维州规划厅称,这个塔楼违反了该地区的高度限制,会挡住议会大厦的.

        Ken Ong, chairman of the Planning Department, said that although developers will be highlyIt's about 30 meters, but it still doesn't match the Bourke Hillp area. "We try to maintain as much of the perspective as possible from the steps of the Parliament Building. This is a clear message, and sometimes people need to respect the planning regulations." He said.

         But the developers stated that they will continue to work with Nhine政府和议会进行磋商,希望能够打造这个五W hotel.


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