2014-01-28 01:18:02 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney News, January 1, Australian Eastern Time. In March this year, the Sydney Light Rail will extend from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill. There will be a half-price discount policy. This is the first time!

However, if students take the light rail to and from school, it is not free at this stage. According to the fare structure after the light rail line is extended, people who ride from the terminal Dulwich Hill to the city will pay no more than the current fare from Lilyfield to the city.

At present, the highest one-way fare for the light rail line is $4.60, and the round-trip fare is $6.20. In 2012, the O'Farrell government bought the light rail line, which has been privately owned before, and has never offered a half-price concession policy. . However, this light rail line will be available after the extension, and the preferential policy may be implemented sometime in March, when the round-trip fare will be reduced from the current preferential price of $3 to $4.6 (half of the original price of $3.10).