A new discovery that may become the savior of the fish industry

Published 20 January 2014, 13:52 AEST

Scientists in Tasmania, Australia, have made a major breakthrough in the understanding of a disease in fish farming that can kill all fish in a whole pond.

fish disease A new discovery that may become the savior of the fish farming industry (Credit: ABC)

Wild and farmed fish all over the world suffer from a disease called Epitheliocystis (Epitheliocystis). Megan Stride, a PhD student at the Australian Institute of Oceanography, said the outbreak of the disease would cause significant losses to the aquaculture industry.

Strider said that she has seen this disease cause as many as XNUMX fish in the entire pond to die overnight. She said that for many years she has been studying this disease with yellowtail, yellowtail and striped scorpionfish.

She found that the epithelial cyst disease of different fish is caused by different bacteria. The new findings of her research make it easy for people to detect the disease before it breaks out.

Although this is only an initial research result, people hope that this research will eventually find a more effective treatment for this disease to reduce fish deaths.