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      The well-known fashion blogger Garance Dore published a very interesting blog on November 11. I believe it will inspire many "small and beautiful" vertical fashion e-commerce companies to cleverly use O23O to build their own unique competitive advantages.

      Regarding fashion e-commerce O2O, there have been many attempts, from Bonobos’s reservation guide shop to Warby Parker’s ground concept store, from Kate Spade’s “shopping window” in cooperation with eBay, to the Shoe of Prey’s customized guerrilla shop.

      而 Garance Dore 文中这家由时尚女性Vanessa Traina 和 Morgan Wendelborn 创办的 TheLine.com 品牌集成网站,规模不大,货品的选择渗透了经营者强烈的个人偏好,是典型的“小而美”,然而她们却为垂直类电商创造了一个全新的O2O概念:“可购物公寓” (shoppable appartment)。





      这里展示的商品,既来自相对小众的奢侈品牌(如前Coach 设计总监Reed Krakoff 和爱马仕设计总监 Christophe Leme的个人品牌) ,大众流行品牌如 Vince, 更有与网站建立密切合作Of设计师品牌。




      They also plan to host dinners, lectures, workshops and other activities here.








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