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The well-known fashion blogger Garance Dore published a very interesting blog on November 11. I believe it will inspire many "small and beautiful" vertical fashion e-commerce companies to cleverly use O23O to build their own unique competitive advantages.

Regarding fashion e-commerce O2O, there have been many attempts, from Bonobos’s reservation guide shop to Warby Parker’s ground concept store, from Kate Spade’s “shopping window” in cooperation with eBay, to the Shoe of Prey’s customized guerrilla shop.

In Garance Dore's article, the brand integrated website, founded by two fashionable women Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn, is not large in scale, and the choice of goods penetrates the strong personal preferences of the operators. It is a typical "small and beautiful". However, they have created a new O2O concept for vertical e-commerce: "shoppable appartment".


They have a special apartment in an old building with a long history in Midtown New York. They can make an appointment online and anyone can visit. Here, you can carefully observe the owner’s lifestyle, as large as the artwork displayed in the house, as small as a toothpaste, as well as the furniture in the living room, the clothes in the closet, etc., all reflect the owner’s taste. And everything here is for sale.

The products displayed here come from relatively niche luxury brands (such as the personal brands of former Coach design director Reed Krakoff and Hermès design director Christophe Lemaire), popular brands such as Vince, and independent independent brands that have established close cooperation with the website. designer brand.

The biggest difference from other buyer stores is that the product mix here is presented through the living conditions of the apartment owner, and it has a strong affinity. It is easy to resonate with customers who visit, as if you are at your friend’s home and look through it. See, the purchase decision is made naturally because of the identity of the owner's taste and lifestyle.

They also plan to host dinners, lectures, workshops and other activities here.