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time:2010-03-31source:The Australian Times Author:Article: Xu Yi; Photography: Zhou


She is the mother of four children and the general manager of Western Australia Kelan Health Products Company. She is a successful Western Australian Chinese business woman. Although she did not create her own brand, she made Kelan health care products a household name among the Chinese in Western Australia and became the favorite health care product brand of the Chinese in Western Australia.

When Yi Huang Fengzhuo first arrived in Perth to reunite with her husband, she took care of her children and husband at home. She had worked in the country and became a housewife after immigrating to Western Australia.In Australia, even if it’s been very good and very highMost of the professional women become full-time mothers and housewives once they have children, especially among Chinese. This is very common.Some mothers are unwilling to stay at home for a long time to look after their children, and choose to go to university or TAFF for further studies, some are on their ownSmall business, opening a shop or restaurant.Huang Fengzhuo belongs to the latter.She doesn't want to stay at home all the time. She needs to be in contact with the society and needs her own space. After discussing with her husband, she decided to act as an agent for Kelan Health Products and opened the first Kelan Health Care in the port city of Fremantle. Shop.

She is not the first Chinese to sell health supplements in Perth. Before her,Many Chinese who have immigrated to Western Australia from Southeast Asia operate such products. At present, there are still nine Chinese companies in Perth operating more than a dozen different brands of health products, as well as many small-scale health products specialty stores.At the beginning of the store, she was not the most powerful and largest specialty store, but after nearly ten years of hard work, Huang Fengzhuo’s Kelan Health Products Company has become the largest Chinese nutrition and health products company in Western Australia.There are four branches and more than a dozen agency distributors operating the Kelan products she is the sole agent of.

How did Huang Fengzhuo grow upBig?How can it reach today's scale?She told me: "Get along with customers and become eternal friends. This is my first principle in business." She said: "When I first came to Perth, I didn't have any friends. Since I started selling Kelan health products, I have Many friends, most of them are my customers. Customers become friends and long-term friends. This is the great trust that customers place in me. If you ask me the secret of success, I think,answer. "

XNUMX. "Kelan is a trustworthy Australian health care product. When I was still in China, my husband often sent me this health care product. After taking it, I found it very effective. I think, through my experience, I can Promote this health product among the Chinese.” When I asked her why she thoughtIn the business of Kelan health care products, she said, “Actually, the original intention of opening a store is not to make money.Become so big.I just wanted to find something, I know more Chinese, as long as they don’t lose money and can survive, even if they don’t make money and post labor, I’m happy. "This kind of business philosophy makes herWhen doing business, it will not harm the interests of customers for small profits; it will not worry about making less money.In order to have more Chinese become her clients and friends, she often puts herself in her mind for them.She said: "Customers come to buy things because they want to be satisfied and happy. If they don't achieve what they want, after they walk out of the store, don't think they will come back again."

Huang Fengzhuo's most successful point is to make her customers look back and bring her more customers.Although she has never studied marketing, she clearly understands the importance of word of mouth.Her customers have become her live advertisements. Many customers are well taken care of in her store. After eating Kelan products, they have introduced relatives and friends to her store, and many even found her home directly.Kelan Health ProductsThis has gradually spread among the Chinese in Western Australia, and even because most Chinese return home to visit relatives and give Kelan health products as gifts to relatives and friends, this brand has also spread to some cities in China and has become the designated brand for some domestic people to buy when they come to Western Australia.

She is the only health care product distributor among the Chinese in Perth who provides package return and replacement.Thanks to the guarantee of package return and exchange, customers can rest assured when buying health products from her.She told me that ZengA customer surnamed Liu went home to visit relatives and bought a lot of Kelan health care products and other things here. Due to the heavy luggage, he could not bring the purchased items back to the country. It is a waste to leave. He was very worried. Called to ask if it was possible to return the goods. When Huang Fengzhuo knew about this, he returned the goods immediately without saying anything. The customer was very grateful.Later, he introduced many of his relatives and friends to her shop, and these people gradually became her main customers.

In fact, all the customers who come to her store and shop with her are very familiar with her. Every time they meet, they will be as kind and enthusiastic as old friends. Many customers are happy to be friends with Huang Fengzhuo, and even after several contacts, they tell their relatives and friends that Huang Fengzhuo is their friend, and deliberately brought relatives and friends to her store. Huang Fengzhuo told me that there was a Ms. Lin she met when she first opened her business. She has been with each other until now and has become a good friend who frequents.

For the sake of customers, considering the needs of customers is what she emphasizes in her business. Every time an unfamiliar customer visits, Huang Fengzhuo will take the initiative to ask the customer's needs and recommend health products according to the needs of the guests.

Once, an international student from Zhejiang was going back to China for a holiday and wanted to bring some Australian specialties to her family and friends. She heard that Kelan health products were good, but she didn't know what to buy.After Huang Fengzhuo knew about the personal financial situation of the international student, he recommended the famous Australianoil.This kind ofThe oil is produced in Australia and is well-known internationally, and the price is cheap, and the domestic people especially like it.After listening to the recommendation, the international student was very happy to buy someOil, save a lot of money.Although he made less money, Huang Fengzhuo felt at ease.

Many customers, especially small overseas students, want to bring some health products for parents, grandparents, and grandparents when they want to return to China, but they don’t know which health products are suitable for adults. They often think that the most expensive is the best. Huang Fengzhuo will ask patiently. To whom they are buying health products, they will recommend suitable and inexpensive health products according to the age and physical condition of the consumers they provide.

Since many Chinese international students can’t drive and it’s inconvenient to carry around when shopping, she deliberately provides free delivery for these students, and sometimes even sends them directly.In this way, some of her friends who have been studying abroad will come to her home to visit her after returning from China.Because Huang Fengzhuo is enthusiastic and sincere in helping these international students, she often receives thank-you calls from parents of foreign students in Shanghai, Dalian, Tangshan, Hangzhou and other cities. These parents warmly invite her to their homes when she returns to China.customer.

Three In a family with five children, Huang Fengzhuo is the third, with older brothers and sisters, and younger siblings. Therefore, since she was a child, she knew how to deal with the mean, and she learned to balance the relationship among her siblings. She is not competitive, does not intrigue, obeys her brothers and sisters, takes care of her brothers and sisters, and can get along well with brothers and sisters. This method of getting along peacefully among brothers and sisters has become the business principle for her to get along well with customers after starting business.

"Business asPeople howpeople,howbusiness.I care about customers, and customers support me.Although my business is better than beforeBig, more income than before, but I will not put air in front of customers, I am still the me of the past, and an ordinary mother of four children. Looking at the back of the last batch of customers in the newly renovated health care product store on Perth’s lively William Street, she said, "I can spend more money to hire a few people, but I prefer to stay in the store. Keep in touch with customers and understand their needs.If I don't see customers for two days, I feel far away from them and miss them.Sometimes when we meet customers on the street we haven't seen for a long time, we will hug each other and say hello affectionately. "

Huang Fengzhuo has always just smiled and never cared about the intentional or unintentional attacks of competitors.She has confidence in the Kelan health products she represents, and knows what kind of Australian products she can provide to customers, so she is not afraid of attacks from others, and never makes irresponsible remarks to other colleagues.On the contrary, when the store cannot provide the products that customers need, she will tell customers to go to other Chinese health care products stores and give them detailed addresses for them to find.Because of her mentality, customers trust her even more. She said that some customers who heard attacks on her and Kelan products in her colleagues turned to her store and said to her: "If it weren't for those people We may not come to your store for attacks and abuses against you. When those people boast about their products and attack you, we feel that they are not credible and will not buy their products." Someone said to her , With her current financial and material resources, it can be done to squeeze out competitors, but she does not.She believes that she only owns her market share, and other businesses manage their share. As long as everyone is serious about doing business and does not attack each other to tear down the platform, everyone is likely to lose business.it is good.

Huang Fengzhuo's cheerful personality, friendly handling and peaceful attitude have won her many customers and praises, and also brought her more business.

Sihuang Fengzhuo has been enthusiastic in supporting public welfare undertakings in the Chinese community for many years.Financial sponsors are often given to events organized by Chinese associations and Chinese media in Perth.In particular, whenever the Chinese University Student Organization in Western Australia has activities, as long as she speaks to her, she will give generously.She said: "I don't have the time and ability to serve the Chinese communityFor more things, I can only use my limited financial resources to support these activities. "

She is a council member of the Australia-China Trade Promotion Association and a consultant of the Western Australian Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.This year, the Western Australian Chinese held a tenth celebration of Hong Kong’s returnHuang Fengzhuo is one of the main sponsors and a member of the organizing committee.

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