Australian celebrities hotly post photos on National Day and Kerr sends super beautiful beach photos (photos) – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-27 10:29:24 Source: Sydney Original URL  Niki

        Sydney News Australia时间1月27日 就在澳大利亚正在兴冲冲庆祝时,澳的明星们也没闲着——纷纷在网上晒照,有的晒出了自己的美照,有的则晒出了自己身披澳大利亚国旗的靓照。明星们一边在Instagram上晒得火热,们一边也看得过瘾哪。

(The picture is a photo uploaded by Kerr)
        澳大利亚名模·可儿在Instagram上与众们分享了一张她在海滩上的美照,甜美佳人的“杀伤力”依旧不减。而名模Megan Gale则上传了一张她之前为Harper’s Bazaar拍摄的封面照,Gale(准妈妈)身上披的澳大利亚国旗与十分应景。

(The picture is a photo uploaded by Megan Gale)

        Jason Dundas发了一张在Wet’n’Wild水上乐园游玩的照片,Jessica Mauboy貌似是最停不下来的明星之一了,她在参加了悉尼的各种庆祝活动后,还不忘去悉尼大桥看秀。澳大利亚Singer Cody Simpson may miss his hometown. The postscript beside the photo he uploaded calls Australia "the greatest country in the world".

(The picture is a screenshot of the photo uploaded by Jason Dundas)

(The picture is a screenshot of the photo uploaded by Jessica Mauboy)

(The picture is a screenshot of the photo uploaded by Cody Simpson)

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