Picture: Australian Country Music Festival unveiled amid controversy

Updated on 20 January 2014, 14:14 AEST


Tamworth Country Music Festival (Tamworth Country Music Festival) is not only a music festival where well-known country singers face to interact with their fans and compete for the "Golden Guitar" award, but also many amateur singers and bands who are struggling on the way of star chasing in front of the public. Singing voice, looking forward to the best opportunity for scouts to discover.

Tamworth is located between Sydney, Australia’s largest city, and Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. This regional town more than 400 kilometers north of Sydney has a population of about 5. However, the Tamworth is held in January every year. During the Gas Country Music Festival, foreign tourists came to participate in the festival activities, and the whole city was crowded with busy traffic and crowds.

It is reported that the 42-year-old Tamvas Country Music Festival is the second largest country music event in the world. Before the festival this year, the veteran country music singer John Williamson, who served as the president of the Australian Country Music Association, ) Criticism of the increasingly Americanization of Australian country music has caused controversy.

Williamson also angrily resigned as president in protest. His criticism caused waves. Two Australian country music stars Troy Cassar-Daley and Adam were corrupted by American music. ·Harvey (Adam Harvey) announced his withdrawal from the competition for the nomination of the "Golden Guitar" award, which cast a shadow over the event. However, the live performance of Kassel Daly and Harvey on the day the festival kicked off was still attractive A large number of fans cheered for them.

During the 1-day country music festival from January 17th to 26th, the streets and alleys of Tamvas are full of amateur singers who perform attentively. Among them, there are many singing talents with the qualifications of tomorrow's superstars.

In addition to the announcement of the winners of the "Golden Guitar" award, the climax of this music festival, the bronze statue of the late country music legend Slim Dusty (Slim Dusty), the king of Australian country music, will be held the day before the closing ceremony. Unveiling ceremony.

Adam Harvey performed on the opening night.

Sophie Clabburn of the Cowgirl of Sunny Band performed on the opening night.

This street artist is called "Chicken Farmer Frank".

TroyCasalDaly(Troy Cassar-Daley ) And AdamHarvey (Adam Harvey's performance on the opening night.