Picture: Australian farmers actively participate in Twitter selfies | Australia

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Picture: Australian farmers actively participate in Twitter selfies

On 17 January 2014, 12:58 AEST

Put yourself with a cow or等各种家畜合影的自拍照放到社交It may sound crazy, but this activity called "Farmer Selfie" ("felfie" in English) has received enthusiastic responses from Australian farmers.

One named Brendan(Brendan Taylor)对澳大利亚指出这个世界都参与的活动,加强了各国between.

:",他以#tweets from tractor cab"(即:从拖拉机驾驶室发出的鸣叫)为标题,让们把在拖拉机驾驶室内拍摄的照片传到社交网站上,他所获得的反应出乎他的想象。“


The following are some of the farmers uploaded to social上的农家自拍照。





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