Picture: Australian farmers actively participate in Twitter selfies

Updated on 17 January 2014, 12:58 AEST

Putting a selfie of yourself with various domestic animals such as cows or sheep on social media may sound crazy, but this activity called "Farmer Selfie" ("felfie" in English) has been affected by Australian farms. The Lord’s warm response.

A man named Brendan Taylor pointed out to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that this activity in which farmers all over the world participate has strengthened the ties between farmers in various countries.

He said: "Previously, he used #tweets from the tractor cab" (ie: the tweet from the tractor cab) as the headline to ask farmers to post photos taken in the tractor cab to social networking sites. The reaction he got It was beyond his imagination. "

He said that the farmers not only began to upload photos, but also began to talk about agriculture and life. An exchange began. He believes that this is a kind of entertainment for farmers in remote areas and a great opportunity to break through loneliness and make friends and dialogue with farmers from all over the world.

The following are some selfies of farmers uploaded to social media by farmers.