Picture: Australians and animals under the heat wave

Published 17 January 2014, 12:08 AEST

This week, Australia’s southern region is facing high temperatures for several days. In South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, western New South Wales and the capital area, temperatures reached 40 to 45 degrees Celsius. Comprehensive fire bans have been announced everywhere, and the fire departments in Victoria and South Australia are fighting uncontrolled bushfires. In cities, people, pets and some wild animals are facing the challenge of preventing heatstroke and cooling down.

On January 1 this year, a wild koala (also known as koala) in the Morfit River Valley, South Australia (Morphett Vale) To escape the heat in the children’s pool in the local residence.(Shooting:AUD audienceMarilyn Sanders)

The high temperature was over 40 degrees this Wednesday,BendigoA little boyCrusoe res.(Crusoe Reservoir) swim and play. (Shooting:ABC reporterTerri – Anne Kingsley)

In South Australia Veyron Coffee (Willunga) Nearby, a pet puppy jumped into the manger to cool down.(Photographing: ABC reporterBrett Williamson)

In the Adelaide Botanic Garden, as many as 90 bats were killed by the heat wave. In Queensland last week, a heat wave killed 10 bats.

At Melbourne Zoo, the first Asian elephant, Mali, born there, celebrated its 4th birthday in the heat wave. She chose to swim to celebrate.