Sydney Today News on March 3th, Australian Eastern Time, Gary Petherbridge, the chairman of the unit owners’ association ACT, pointed out that government agencies, the builders’ association, the housing industry association and the architects’ association discuss how to improve overall State-wide construction standards, but the Property Council has expressed no interest.

Petherbridge said: "They have been invited but are unwilling to attend. They should know more about the truth of the problem. They know that if they are not satisfied with the final laws and regulations, they can put political pressure on them." He also Pointed out that poor quality of apartments is a common problem in Australia, with medium and high-density housing accounting for 30% of the Australian residential market.

P etherbridge pointed out: “Canberra has some unique problems. Some developers used to build cottages and made their fortunes. They seem to be unable to do the'big construction work'. This is a problem with the Builders Association. Although Canberra also has some larger Developers are capable of building high-quality housing, but in the fierce competition from subcontractors, they have also begun to lower the construction standards.

The Australian Property Council selects the "Easiest City to Live in" every year. On two occasions, Canberra is second only to Adelaide, but the quality of construction is not mentioned in its 17-question questionnaire. When the Canberra Times visited Verwer and asked why the council did not cover the quality of buildings in the "Livable Cities" questionnaire, Verwer said: "We asked two more questions about housing and design in the survey. The first was purchasing power. , But the second one is related to the question you asked, but it may not be so specific. Maybe we should pay attention to it. Maybe we should ask specifically about the comfort of housing, the sense of design and related regulations." (Wendy)

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