Tasmania breaks one million annual visitors

Updated on 16 January 2014, 16:13 AEST

For the first time, the Australian state of Tasmania's tourism industry has recorded more than one million visitors a year, of which about 10% are foreign tourists.

Tasmania has more than one million tourists (Credit: Reuters)

According to data from aviation and shipping companies, the number of tourists arriving in Tasmania reached 2013 million in the year ended September 9.

Bacon, Minister of Tourism of Tasmania, said that the number of tourists in winter has increased significantly. He attributed the increase in the number of tourists to the Hobart Music and Arts Festival MOFO, the Vocal Festival, and the Australian football match held in Launceston.

John Fitzgerald, chief executive officer of Tourism Tasmania, said these figures show that the government’s focus on social media advertising has begun to bear fruit. Most people who travel to Tasmania are recommended by others. He said that this number exceeds that of any other state.

He said that given that the large cities on the Australian mainland attract many tourists, it would be great for an island state as small as Tasmania to achieve the current results. He hopes that by 2020, the number of tourists in Tasmania will rise to 150 million.