2014-01-24 13:09:15 Source: Original URL of Xinhuanet Celiaedit

Xinhuanet Beijing, January XNUMX, a special call from the Chinese Consulate General in Perth on the XNUMXrd through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website reminded Chinese citizens in Western Australia to take necessary measures to prevent heatstroke and sun protection when going out for activities, and to follow up the fire and emergency services of Western Australia in time If it is not necessary, do not go to areas prone to wildfires.

In recent days, Western Australia has continued to have high temperatures, with frequent extreme weather exceeding XNUMX degrees Celsius in many cities. According to forecasts by the Australian Meteorological Service, the highest temperatures in many parts of Western Australia in the coming week will be above XNUMX degrees Celsius.

The Chinese Consulate General in Perth said that hot weather can easily lead to heat stroke and severe sunburn, and it is also one of the main reasons for the frequent occurrence of wildfires in Australia. On January XNUMX, a severe fire broke out in the southern area of ​​Perth; on the XNUMXth, a Chinese citizen suffered severe heatstroke while working in the Pilbara mining area.

In case of emergency, you can call Australia's emergency police and help number: XNUMX. If you need consular assistance, you can contact the Chinese Consulate-General in Perth. The telephone number for consular protection assistance is: XNUMX-XNUMX.