University helps international students integrate into Australian society

Updated on 23 January 2014, 17:14 AEST
Compilation: Yan Li, editor: Fang Teng

Do overseas students who come to Australia really understand and enjoy the Australian way of life? The results of the University of Queensland's research answer this question in the negative.

Feat_Aus-Experience_India_23114 Rodney, Sally, and the 15-month-old Bron Tweiser family participated in the “Family Friends” project at the University of Queensland in 2013. (Photo provided by a third party)

There are about XNUMX international students in Brisbane, where the University of Queensland is located. However, these students may have never been to an Australian family for a few years during their studies in order to truly understand the Australian lifestyle.

The University of Queensland has paid attention to this point and hopes to help international students and locals make friends and enrich the students' life experience in Australia. Therefore, since 2011, the university has started a project called "Family Mates", inviting families who are interested in making friends with international students to register at the school, and then based on the registered family and students, such as their interests Hobbies, distance of residence, etc. are "matched" for them, and then they decide the time and number of visits to each other.

So far, the University of Queensland said that 150 international students have participated in this activity, but the university has not been able to find enough families to "match" students.

However, the family of three who have registered and hosted a Sri Lankan boy and a Hong Kong girl student told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that they participated in this project because they felt that international students were far away from family and friends to study in Australia, but they never had a real chance. Walking into the community, this made the family of three feel a pity, so they decided to join this project to help overseas students experience the real Australia up close.

Any international students or local families who want to participate in this activity can check online or contact the University of Queensland.