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Trust, encourage, give space

"Trust and encourage children to let them have their own space."MICHAEL'S mother told reporters sincerely.

She said: First of all, parents must trust their children, treat them as an independent thinking person, let the children judge and think for themselves, and finally make choices. Give children full rights and freedom, and give reminders and guidance when necessary. In this way, children will grow up and mature in thinking, and experience the joy of trust and competence.

"MICHAELHe has been obedient and sensible since he was a child. He is no different from other children, but we never worry about his learning. "Talking aboutMICHAELpast tense,MICHAELHis mother said joyfully, “During his growth, we only paid attention to guidance and provided opportunities as much as possible based on his hobbies. In our opinion, children don’t have to be admitted to prestigious or key schools to be successful. Cultivate children's comprehensive qualities and let them like him/In every activity she participates in, it is more important to watch her children grow up happily. "

MICHAELWhen he was a child, he learned piano. Later, he wanted to learn the violin. He gave up the piano he learned from childhood and started again. Most parents would not agree to it, butMICHAELHowever, his parents feel that the violin can better exercise their children’s spirit of cooperation and collaboration in the band, so they support and encourage him, and provide him with a good learning environment and conditions as much as possible so that his personal interests can be fully developed. EnteringHale SchoolLater, his expertise in violin was brought into play, and he participated inHale St Mary's Orchestra 2002-06, Hale Intermediate String Ensemble 2002-03, Hale Senior String Ensemble 2004

"Don't let children be under pressure like Chinese children, let them fully enjoy Australia's unique and beautiful environment, and let them have their own space." MICHAELHer mother emphasized this point in particular. She did not agree to give her children a lot of tutoring, “plan learning and study efficiently. Reviewing within two hours after class every day is the most effective learning. In addition, there is more time to participate in society, With family, friends, and school activities, children’s mentality will not be too much pressure."

She pointed out that maintaining a peaceful and joyful attitude can encourage children to have greater enthusiasm for learning, and only then will they have good grades.

In addition to the violin, from2002Year to year2006year,MICHAELParticipated in a variety of sports activities such as school basketball, hockey and track and field competitions, and participated in a number of social activities organized by the school to help take care of disabled children, make wheelchairs for disabled children, and counsel them in their studies. In addition,MICHAELWas promoted to school in seventh gradeHead Boy, OnTailValais, Switzerland12Selected as school in gradePrefectAndHouse Captain,This will take up a lot of his time and energy, especially when facing the college entrance examination12Grade this year. butMICHAELHis parents still encourage him to perform these duties with great enthusiasm. They think it's rightMICHAELThe training and training of ability and sense of responsibility is also the duty of being a member of the school. All these activities,MICHAELAlways active with interest and enthusiasm.

Peace of mind, caring for others

It can be seen that this is a warm and harmonious home, the rooms are neat and elegant, and the furnishings are generous and stylish. Professor Li has a low-key personality and is unwilling to make a public appearance.MICHAELHis mother is talkative, amiable and scholarly. She emphasized the importance of parents to children. She said, “The earliest teachers of children are their parents. Therefore, the words and deeds of parents are very important in the growth process of children. Not only must he feel the love of his parents, but also let him Knowing that parents love each other too, in this way, children will have a peaceful mind from an early age and develop the quality of caring for others."

From an early age, children should be taught to love school, classmates, and teachers, because school is the main environment for children to grow up. Only if they like everything there will they be happy and interested in learning better. Parents volunteering in their children’s school will not only help parents understand the school, but will also increase their children’s love for the school and closeness to the teachers, and they will like to study there. FromMICHAELSince school, his mother has often volunteered in the school he attended. When a child sees his mother doing things for the school he is attending, he will be very proud and happy. Gradually he will learn to be willing to help others and be able to do well. Get along with classmates.MICHAELMother told reporters,MICHAELFrom elementary school to middle school, he never complained about his school. In elementary school,MICHAELHe was only attending a general school, but his grades have been very good, and his parents did not worry about it because of the school he attended. When he was admittedHale School, He likes this school. The reason why he can get as many as25This award is inseparable from his liking for this prestigious school.

Except forMAKEThe four main courses of physics, French, calculus and applied mathematics are all100Points and chemistry98.5Points, English literature85.9In addition to the outstanding results,MICHAELStill in2005In the annual Olympic competition, he won the Western Australia Gold Medal in Physics and the Silver Western Australia Medal in Chemistry. he is2005Organized by the French governmentAlliance Fran?ais In the French competition, Western Australia was awarded the first two-week cultural trip to New Caledonia.

As we age,MICHAELBecome more peaceful and mature. He is always patient and sincere to help students who are not doing well in their studies, and for those who are doing well, he is really happy for their results.

Interestingly,2006YearMAKEFirst place in the examChristopher Mofflin is hisHaLe SchoolHis classmates are his good friends and have always been his competitors. whenMICHAELObtain2006YearsDux of Hale SchoolHonor,Christopher MofflinCongratulate him warmly. At that timeMICHAELAlso sincerely encourageChristopher MofflinOnMAKEIn the exam, you can get first.

In the process of educating children,MICHAELOf parents realize that their children’s ideas and interests in childhood are unstable and will change with age. Their vision for the future, whether clear or vague, magnificent or small, does not matter. The important thing is that as they grow older, children learn to become more and more aware of what they will do in the future. No matter what the child says he wants to do in the future, it contains his own rich imagination of life. Such imagination is the most precious. Parents should treat the future described by their children with a peaceful and tolerant heart, provide them with rich imagination space, and let him fly freely with the wings of imagination.

Although the child is young, he has his own thoughts. Parents should trust him, encourage him, and give him more care and room for development. Only by respecting the child's choice will he work hard on his own and he will not regret it.

Currently,MICHAELHe has chosen the University of Melbourne he likes from many prestigious Australian universities that offer scholarships. His parents respect his choice.

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