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          1688 News this year,政府准备重启“以工换赈计划”(work-for-the-dole scheme)并扩大其范围,失业的澳洲人将被强制去从事收集、维护公园以及为养老院的老人们提供志愿服务等无偿工作,来换取政府给的失业救济金。

         This year, the Coalition government will recommence the strict implementation of the mandatory "work-for-relief" program. Those who refuse to work will rather stay at home.将失去政府的救济金。

          There are currently as many as 80.5 unemployed people in Australia.政府将鼓励招募这些来从事包括收集、维护公园等社区琐事。非营利性的养老院和慈善机构也向这些Provide unpaid work.

           but,政府也有设定条件,即雇主只能让这些Work for three months without pay to prevent employers from using free unemployed volunteers to replace their regular employees.

           The Assistant Secretary for Employment, Luke Hartsuyker, said,The Prime Minister “takes great importance” to this expanded work-for-relief program.

           强制性的以工换赈计划工作是前霍华德政府在20世纪90年代引进的。但前工党政府上台后了计划,不再强制Participate in the program.

           而哈苏克部长证实,联盟党新近扩大的以工换赈计划将是强制性的。“我期待这些富有创造性的新办法能够让人们用工作来换取失业救济金。我们正在和非营利机构进行谈判,希望他们能够为Create a job-like position so that they can master some skills.We believe that anyone who is able to work should go to work. "

         Hazuk also hinted that the government will punish unemployment benefits recipients who refuse to take office. Anyone who refuses to go to work will lose their Newstart Allowance.

         However, he said that the vast majority of people receiving job search allowances are really looking for a job, but some of them have been unemployed for too long and it is difficult to find a job.

          From July 7, the governmentThose 18-30 year-olds who have been unemployed for a long time (more than one year) provide a "job stability award" of 2500 yuan, as long as they find a job and work stably for 12 months,领到这笔奖金。如果他们能稳定工作两年,Get another 4000 yuan.

         The government expects this plan to inspire 3.6 young people to engage in paid work every year. The three-year budget for this plan is 1.57 million yuan.

          In addition, every time an employer hires an employee over the age of 50,Received a reward of 3250 yuan from the government.The three-year budget of this plan is 1.97 million yuan, and it is estimatedHelp 2.2 mature workers find jobs every year.

         In addition, long-term若在乡镇地区找到工作,Receive a moving subsidy of up to 6000 yuan.If employed in another city, at mostGet 3000 yuan.



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