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1688 News this year, the federal government is preparing to restart the “work-for-the-dole scheme” and expand its scope. Unemployed Australians will be forced to collect garbage, maintain parks, and provide elderly people in nursing homes. Provide voluntary services and other unpaid work in exchange for unemployment benefits from the government.

This year, the coalition government will restart the strict implementation of the mandatory "work-for-relief" program. Those unemployed who refuse to work and prefer to stay at home will lose government relief.

There are currently 80.5 unemployed people in Australia. The federal government will encourage local governments to recruit these unemployed to engage in community chores including garbage collection and maintenance of parks. Non-profit nursing homes and charitable organizations can also provide unpaid work to these unemployed.

However, the federal government also has conditions that employers can only allow these unemployed people to work for three months without pay to prevent employers from using free unemployed volunteers to replace their regular employees.

Federal Employment Assistant Minister Luke Hartsuyker said that Prime Minister Albert “takes very seriously” the expanded work-for-relief program.

The compulsory work-for-relief program was introduced by the former Howard government in the 20s. However, after the former Labor Party government came to power, the plan was amended and the unemployed no longer forced to participate in the plan.

Minister Khasuk confirmed that the coalition party’s newly expanded work-for-relief program will be mandatory. "I look forward to these creative new methods that will allow people to exchange jobs for unemployment benefits. We are negotiating with non-profit organizations, hoping that they can create job-like jobs for the unemployed so that they can acquire some skills. We believe that anyone who is able to work should go to work."

Hazuk also hinted that the government will punish unemployment benefits recipients who refuse to take office. Anyone who refuses to go to work will lose their Newstart Allowance.

However, he said that the vast majority of people receiving job search allowances are really looking for a job, but some of them have been unemployed for too long and it is difficult to find a job.

From July 7st, the government will provide 1 yuan of "Job Stability Award" to those 18-30 year olds who have been unemployed for a long time (more than one year) as long as they find a job and work stably for 2500 months. Receive this bonus. If they can work stably for two years, they can get another 12 yuan.

The government expects this plan to inspire 3.6 young people to engage in paid work every year. The three-year budget for this plan is 1.57 million yuan.

In addition, for every employee over the age of 50, an employer can get a reward of 3250 yuan from the government. The three-year budget of this plan is 1.97 million yuan, which is expected to help 2.2 mature workers find jobs every year.

In addition, if long-term unemployed find a job in a rural area, they can receive a moving allowance of up to 6000 yuan. If you work in another city, you can get up to 3000 yuan.