Obama will publish an analysis of the State of the Union address, saying that he will be tough

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Posted on January 2014, 1 Wednesday 09:31

(Obama will publish an analysis of the State of the Union address, saying that he will take a tough stance)


  Senior White House adviser Faif said that the government is divided, the Republican Party will not become a "rubber stamp" on the president’s agenda, and Obama will not sign the party’s bill. “Obama will use his own methods to promote professional training, education and manufacturing Wait for the opportunity."




  According to the Washington Post and the American Broadcasting Corporation显示,奥巴马支持度为46%,是任内每年年初时的最低水平,63%受访者对他能否为国家将来做正确决定欠缺信心,另50%不认同他的施政。

  At this State of the Union speech conference, the White House invited two survivors of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack last year to accompany the first lady Michelle to attend the State of the Union speech conference.


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