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In ancient China, there was no special title for lesbians, but this did not affect the variety of forms and the huge number of participants. In ancient China, the most common place for lesbian homosexuality was the palace, where the emperor had three thousand beauties in the harem. Even though the emperor had extraordinary abilities, how could he be lucky enough? Therefore, the depression of the maids can be imagined.

There are so many records about homosexuality in ancient China. There are many documents about homosexuality in almost every dynasty. This kind of circulation and retention is far beyond our imagination.

So far, homosexuality is still regarded by many as a reflection of morbid psychology. In ancient societies where information was relatively closed, how did such secret things spread? After reading these amazing details, do you have a new understanding of the communication ability of the ancients?

Gay king

"Warring States Policy? Wei Ce" records that one day Wang Wei and his male pet Long Yang Jun fished together. Long Yang Jun caught more than a dozen fish, but he was very sad. King Wei asked the reason, Long Yangjun said: "When I caught the first fish, I was full of joy, and then I got a bigger one and threw the first one. Now I am favored by you, but within the world. There are many beautiful people, and one day I will be thrown away like the first fish." Wei Wang said, "Why didn't you tell me that you have this idea?" So he issued an order, such as someone proposed another in front of Wei Wang. Those who are beautiful are full of copies. At that time, the rulers used their power to play with handsome men and rarely did not show their love. The order issued by the king of Wei shows that they are dedicated.

Qianlong was the most suspected homosexual among the emperors of the Qing Dynasty. "Qing Barnyard Banknotes? Different Types" records the death of a concubine. Said, a concubine of Emperor Shizong of Qing Dynasty (Yongzheng Emperor) was beautiful and charming. When Qianlong was fifteen years old, he went to the palace to do errands, passed by the concubine, saw the concubine combing her hair in the mirror, Qianlong was innocent, so he went up and covered the concubine's eyes from behind, wanting to make a joke with the concubine. How did the concubine know that she was the prince, she was so shocked by Qianlong's cover, she smashed the comb backwards and hit Qianlong's face. Qianlong felt pain and immediately let go. The next day, Shizong found the small scar on Qianlong's face and asked him how he got it, but Qianlong refused to say. Later, under severe reprimand, Qianlong told the truth. After hearing this, the queen mother suspected that the concubine was molesting the prince, and immediately gave the beautiful concubine to death. Qianlong cried loudly, dyed a finger red, clicked on the concubine's neck, and said, "I am the one who harmed you. If the soul blesses you, let you be with me in twenty years."

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In the mid-Qianlong period, Heshen entered the palace as a student of Manchuria and served as Luan Yiwei. The specific job was to carry a sedan chair. One day, Lord Qianlong wanted to go out and couldn't find the yellow cover in a hurry. Lord Qianlong asked the people around, "Whose fault is this?" He Shen quickly said, "The defenders have an unshirkable responsibility!" Qianlong Xun After a glance, he felt that He Shen was very familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had seen him. After returning to the palace, recalling his childhood and adulthood, He Shen suddenly felt similar to the concubine who had been implicated and died because of him. So Heshen secretly summoned Heshen into the palace and looked at his neck carefully and found that "finger marks are still there." Lord Qianlong believed that Heshen in front of him was the reincarnation of the beautiful concubine, and he was "pitiful" to Heshen. After that, He Shen's career has soared all the way to the end. When Emperor Qianlong was about to abdicate, he said to Heshen: "I have an extraordinary relationship with you, and future generations will not tolerate you." Sure enough, Emperor Jiaqing gave Heshen to death soon after he came to the throne.

This textual legend recorded in "The Grand View of Wild History of the Qing Dynasty" is extremely but believable. Otherwise, with Qianlong's clear observation, how can he not know Heshen's great greed? Therefore, the reason for not investigating him is probably because of a special relationship between the monarch and his subjects.

Male style

Of course, court homosexuality will have a certain social influence, but what really makes male homosexuality form a social atmosphere depends on the changes in the sex concept and orientation of the whole society, especially the extensive participation of scholars and officials. In ancient China, scholars were the leaders of social customs and trends, and their tastes and tendencies were sometimes more appealing than imperial edicts.

A large number of literary works meticulously reflect the life of male style, which reflects the tolerance of literati and doctors towards male style. Tang Xianzu's "The Peony Pavilion" is the twenty-third "Primary Judgment", in a very relaxed and humorous style, it writes the comedic affair that the cool and masculine Li Houer suffered in the underworld. In real life, Tang Xianzu is also very tolerant and even admired for homosexual behavior.

In the twelfth year of Wanli, the head of the Ministry of Rites at the time, the celebrity Tu Long, was dismissed because of his preference for male style. One year later, the famous opera artist and doctor of the Imperial College of Nanjing, Zang Maoxun, was impeached and dismissed because of his "exile and romantic birthday", "with his favorite little Shi in a red dress, and a horse out of Fengtaimen". Tang Xianzu linked these two incidents of dismissal due to good masculinity, and wrote a reciting song "Send Zang Jinshu Uncle to the Lake, Tang Renqing talked about demotion at the same time, and sent it to Tu Changqing outside the river." cloud:

Junmen is like water and city, so the wind and smoke are full of energy.

Changqing once mistaken Song Donglin, Jin Shu pity Zhou Xiaoshi.

Since ancient times, flying hairpins have said that they are good friends.

Late night rain is suitable for the endgame, Asakusa spring breeze smashes the ball.

Yangliu Huafei still Gu Zhu, ruo wine vetch must be sentenced to you.

Xingju books become a dance and laughter, madly drawing a picky girl.

Still heard that the guests are diversified from day to day, and they will give away the monarch freely.

However, he laughed at Tang Sheng's demotion on the same day, and for a while, Zang Gao actually He Yun.

This kind of rebellious spirit that dared to be famous and religious sinners and the free and easy demeanor of contempt for worldly fame and wealth and pursue indulgence and fitness shocked the scholars at that time. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Qian Qianyi still admired, "Yilin still thinks it is a good talk." After all, Tang Xianzu. He was just an enlightened literati, but Zhang Dai, a celebrity in the late Ming Dynasty, went a step further and tried his best. He once said in "The Epitaph of Oneself" to summarize his early life:

Few dudes, love the prosperity, good abbey, beautiful maidservant, good prostitute, good fresh clothes, good food, good horses, good lanterns, good fireworks, good pear garden, good advocacy, good antiques, good flowers and birds, both Tea obscene orange abuse, bookworm poetry demon.

Such a generalization can be regarded as frank.

Novelist Feng Menglong's attitude towards homosexuality is even higher. In his "History of Love", he specifically listed the category of "outside love", collecting and commenting on gay stories contained in various documents since ancient times. he thinks:

Men and women are called together, the origin is. Those who are biased, also sneered and did not see victory. If there are sophistication and hobbies like this, is love alone?

Clearly treat homosexuality and heterosexuality together, and believe that there is no difference between good and bad or normal and abnormal. This concept is very similar to the modern homosexual theory.

Approximately, it was influenced by men's style to a considerable extent. From the middle and late Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, society's aesthetic ideals of men have undergone great changes. "The face is like a crown of jade, and the lips are like a painted vermilion" has become a common image of the male protagonist in popular fiction. And the masculine beauty of men, in the novelist's pen, has become the characteristic of the most ignorant and lowest-class men.

Lesbian sex games

Foreign countries call lesbians "Lespin", the name originated from an island in ancient Greece. The ethos of lesbians was once popular on the island, and it was widely popular in society, so people later regarded it as a synonym for lesbians. In ancient China, there was no special title for lesbians, but this did not affect the variety of forms and the huge number of participants. In ancient China, the most common place for lesbian homosexuality was the palace, where the emperor had three thousand beauties in the harem. Even though the emperor had extraordinary abilities, how could he be lucky enough? Therefore, the depression of the maids can be imagined. The way of liberation is often masturbation. However, after masturbation, they become more and more empty and lonely. However, homosexuality not only enables the practitioners to obtain physical satisfaction, but also enables them to obtain spiritual comfort from their sexual partners. The palace girl is therefore more attractive. "The Book of Han? The Biography of the Empress of Xiaocheng Zhao" records that when Emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty, the middle palace envoy Cao official and the official maidservant "diet", Yan Shigu commented: "The palace and the couple's name eat each other, they are very jealous. Also.” Obviously, “comprehensive and husband and wife” are homosexual activities, which can reach the point of being jealous. It can be seen that the love between palace people is relatively deep. Li Yu, a playwright in the Qing Dynasty, once created a play called "Lian Xiang Compan", which is about the story of lesbian homosexuality.

There is a double-headed masturbation, specially prepared for lesbians. Dutch Sinologist Gao Luopei once looked at several related erotic pictures. He described: "The appliance is fixed in place by two ribbons tied to the waist. A woman can use the extended end to act like a man. Her homosexual partner, and at the same time, the friction of the utensils left at one end of her also brought her pleasure.” In another erotica picture, this scene is shown: “The floor is divided into a higher part and a floor tiled. The lower part. The latter is for bathing, so there is a round porcelain bathtub and a wooden bucket for hot water. A naked woman is sitting on a chair with a towel on her lap, one wearing only The young girl in the short dress was standing opposite. She was about to tie a double-headed obscene device around her waist, and the other woman stretched her left hand toward the obscene device."

In the twenty-fourth section of the famous ancient medical work "Medical Heart Prescriptions", it is also mentioned that women use masturbation devices to persuade people not to abuse them. Tao Zongyi of the Ming Dynasty described a plant used to make aphrodisiacs and obscene tools in Volume XNUMX of his "Zuo Geng Lu": "The wild horses in the Tatar fields or the dragons, and the spermatorrhea enter the ground. For a long time, the growth is like a bamboo shoot, and Shangfeng It is thrifty, the scales are compared, the veins and veins are connected, and its shape is exquisite male yin, called Cynomorium. That is Cistanche cistanche and the like. Or the adulterer of the female will fit together, and when you get the yin, you will grow angry. Digging, washing, peeling, thinly cutting and drying to fill the medicine, the skill is a hundred times more calm."

The novel "Jin Ping Mei" describes another thing that women use to masturbate, namely "Mian Ling" (also known as "Mian Ling"), which is said to be "from Fanbing". This is a small hollow silver ball that is put into the vagina before sex. Legend has it that someone sold such things to Zhao Yi in the Qing Dynasty. Zhao Yi recalled: "There were harlot birds in Burma, whose essence can help in the art of the house, and some who can get it on the stone, wrapped in copper like a bell. It is called the Burmese bell. After I returned to the field, someone sold it as a bell. It was as big as a longan and was seamless around. I don’t know its authenticity. If you hold a human hand and warm it up, the bell will be automatic, and it will sound like a sound. Then stop, it is also a strange thing. If there is nothing left, it will be returned."

It can be seen that the imagination of the depressed women has not been lost. They chat to live their lives in the sex games they have to do, looking for the only bit of happiness and self-esteem in a situation that is not understood by the world.

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