Women's luggage occupies seats and refuses to let men sit on girls' laps-Australia

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女青年的行李占了座执意不肯让,男子偏偏较了真,即使还有其他空位,仍坚持要坐行李占据的位子,双方互不相让。后来,男子竟挤坐在女子腿上近20分钟。昨日,从武昌火开往汉口新荣村客运站的577路On, such a scene happened.

昨晨8时许,市民祝先生在武昌火Took a 577 road车去汉口。当时车上人不多,见一名约20岁的黄衣女子上车后,坐在靠近台阶的位子,并将行李旁边空位上。车至中北路时,一名约40多岁戴眼镜的男子上车,走到黄衣女子身边,希望她将行李移开,他想坐这个位子。

但女子不肯让,她指着后面说“后面有空位,为什么不坐?”哪知,男子也较真起来,指责她“公共场所凭什么用行李占座?”周围乘客担心引发, All persuaded the women to give way, but they were not moved.

It may be that both of them were angry, and saw the man squeeze directly onto the woman, and must sit there, but the woman refused. In the end, the man sat on the woman's lap (pictured). This state has been maintained for nearly 20 minutes. At the Erqi Road Station, the man got out of the car and the woman sullen her face and leaned sideways.

男子下车后,乘客们尴尬地笑了会儿,都在小声议论。该车另一乘客刘先生对记者说,“虽然是个小事,但必定了心情。马上过年了,返家的人越来,公共场合遇事双方还是各退一步,Can have a good mood. "

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