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Update to 29 Jary 2014, 11:10 AEST
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The annual selection of XNUMX popular songs by Triple J Youth Music Station under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation attracts millions of people every year.right now来看看,到底什么样的歌曲最容易获取歌迷芳心、夺走热门歌曲桂冠呢?

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The Triple J Hottest 100 voting activity in Australia has become the world’s largest mass voting activity since its establishment before 1993. The organizer, Triple J, announces and counts down the 1 selected songs on Australia Day on January 26 each year, which has also become an Australian tradition.

The listeners who participated in this event voted for their favorite songs from the songs released globally in the previous year, and finally calculated the 100 most popular songs and played them on Triple J radio.

So is there any secret to being shortlisted for these XNUMX hits?来回顾一下过去20年中的热门歌曲冠军,看看它们有没有什么共有的特征吧。

1. How long is the most attractive song?Is there a magic song duration?Source: ABC According to a Brazilian study, the average length of popular songs in the 50s was two minutes and 36 seconds, but now the average length of songs is 4 minutes and 26 seconds.So how long is the song most likely to be favored by fans?Although the British band Muse won the title of Knights of Cydonia in 2007’s top 20 songs for more than six minutes, if you average the champion songs of the past 2 years, you will find that fans are about four minutes The song is the most obsessed. XNUMX. Strong beats suitable for all agesBeat it. Just beat it.Source: ABC以往的冠军歌曲在节拍上平均是每分钟119.9拍,也就是大概每秒两拍的感觉。回想一下那些经典热门歌曲,比如汤姆·(Tom Jones)的’ ‘She’s a Lady’和 Crystal Waters’ ‘100% Pure Love.’ ,属于这种节拍结实的歌。也就是说,如果一首歌能让你和你老爸都能随着音乐扭两下,那这个曲子入选就很有希望啦! 3. 谁穿的最潮?还是说穿什么其实并没有关系?Who wore it best? And does it even matter?Source: ABC 对这个问题没有短的答案。不过事实是,好像没有人在乎乐队的穿着,甚至在过往20年冠军歌曲的封面上,有12个封面根本就没有乐队出现。但是我们在这里还是要隆重地提一下两首冠军歌曲的封面,一个有穿着经典摇滚服–皮的歌手出现,还有一个是2012年冠军得主Macklemore穿着他花了一块钱从二手商店里买来的‘狐皮毛短大衣’的Cover.

 4. Is it better to come early than to come by coincidence?When should I release my song?Source: ABC Look at the above statistics table, the answer to this question is self-evident-among the champion songs of the past 20 years, the songs released from August to October accounted for more than half of the total.Why is this? We can't think of a precise answer. We can only say that this may be too early. Fans have forgotten you when they vote at the end of the year, or they have become ears of your songs.So it's better to come early than to come by coincidence! 8. Act alone or in a group?Is it better to go it alone, or stick together?Source: ABC对这个问题的结论很简单–自从1993年以来,获冠军的只有三个是独唱艺人,而另外15个则是乐队,还有两个是组合。所有如果你想让你的音乐成为热门歌曲中的王中王,可能就要和你的伙伴同享殊荣了。 6. 来谈谈“性”吧Let's talk about sex, baby.Source: ABC这个统计显示,20年里有13年的冠军歌曲来自男子乐队组合,3年是男女组合,另外3年是独唱男艺人。独唱女艺人和The band has never been on the throne of a champion.It is not difficult to see that men have an absolute advantage in triple J's top XNUMX songs.However, the male monopoly may be broken by Lorde, a girl singer from New Zealand this year.

 7. Is it rock or hip hop?Should I rock, or should I roll?Source: ABC独立摇滚,另类摇滚……毫无疑问,澳大利亚的歌迷们对摇滚情有独钟。Triple J热门百首歌曲票选中里只有一年(2013年)是嘻哈歌曲捧走桂冠。不过大家也不必太过忿忿不平,因为1993年的冠军得主是一个音乐喜剧! 8. 那首歌叫什么名字来着?What was the name of that song again?


Ranking Country Party registrations
1 澳大利亚 3374
2 Canada 79
3 美国 67
4 英国 48
5 Japan 33
6 新西兰 16
7 France, Indonesia, Mexico 9
8 Peru, Sweden 8
9 Germany, Netherlands, Singapore 7
10 Argentina, Vietnam 6

Countdown to 2012 Hot Songs in XNUMXNumber of parties

10. Last and most important pointAnd finally, the most important measure: can you dance to it?Source: ABC其实说到热门歌曲,笔者们认为最重要的一项评选标准应该是看这首歌曲是否能让听者坐立不安,搔首抓耳,非要热舞一场才后快。经过现身体验和激烈争论之后我们发现,这些歌曲中能够达到这个标准的也是一半一半。只可惜,哈林舞曲从来没有出现过……你可以在周日1月26日从澳东部时间中午12点起通过澳Radio stations listen to or pass Listen online.


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