Whoring: How can a male judge sleep and a female lawyer a private matter?

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

The judges are frequently involved in ""It seems that it is necessary for the legal newspapers to be collectively revised into Entertainment Weekly. It should not be too high-end, becauseReally bullshit.

A few days ago, a paragraph entitled "Hubei CourtWhoringThe video appeared on the Internet, revealing that Zhang Jun, the president of the Provincial Court, was suspected of prostitution.

The first response from the local government was that "there was no such person" saying that the president of the provincial court did not have Zhang Jun, and the vice president did not have Zhang Jun... Could it be that netizens spread rumors again?

Unexpectedly less than a day,On the reverse, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the High Court once again: The Provincial Court is not without "Zhang Jun", it's just that he is a president, and the protagonist in the video is undoubtedly him.

This is really a hasty and inaccuracy when netizens broke the news. ConditionsWell, this is not a weird thing. What is really strange is that the official response is actually more sloppy than netizens.

I broke the news although I was wrong, But the name is correct, and the videoFor comparison, the Higher People's Court investigates itself, and it seems that the first "mistakes" should not have occurred. Of course, we do not maliciously speculate that they are trying to cover up.

However, the hospital had to repeatedly expose the suspicion, and their "mistakes" did not stop there.

The online post further broke the news that the heroine in the video is not an ordinary "missing woman", but a local practicing lawyer. Now the trouble is big. Anyone with a little brain should be aware that the nature seems to be more serious than prostitution: the "adversaries" in this court are all sleeping together, how can we expect a fair trial?

The official once again chose the ostrich-style response, which technically stated as: "After investigation, Zhang Jun and an outside unitLong-term improper. "

A staff member of the Higher People's Court revealed to reporters: "The matter is only his personal matter."

what? Is the legal quality of this place where the law is in charge? The judge sleeps with the lawyer, is it purely a "private matter"?

Although both belong to the legal profession, the judge and the lawyer always play different roles. The lawyer may represent the plaintiff or the defendant. The judge can always only represent justice and must try to avoid suspicion of favoring either side. Otherwise, this is not only His personal flaw is the dishonesty of the entire court.

For a long time, similar rumors have emerged one after another, saying that the judge colluded with the lawyer, or the lawyer colluded with the judge and created an unjust case.Of these two roles, It's not as simple as taking a nap!

Moreover, it was revealed that both of them work locally, so the chances of appearing in the same court at the same time are much greater, creating unfairness.The chances are much greater.For example, although the client cannot choose a judge at will, he can spend money to choose a lawyer. If there is a suspected murderer, the female lawyer may recommend herself at a high price-I can protect you from death.You said, how much money would she get if she ran into a certain second-generation young master?

Therefore, in this sense, the gold content may still be quite high.Although their respective authorityIt's big, but after such a clever "marriage", the energy is multiplied. It may be so big that human life is at stake, it may be exchanged for considerable money, and it may turn "society under the rule of law" into a joke.

Is this a trivial matter? Is it a "private matter"?


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