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The winter night was very difficult. It was more than 11 o'clock the night before. For Wang Liangrui, who was playing with a barbecue stall at the intersection of Baochu Road, Hangzhou, and preparing to open, this was just the beginning of another busy night.

We may never know what he and his wife Chen Fang said at the time, but I guess that in the emotions of this young couple in Jiangxi at that time, there should be joy that a new life is about to be born, and a couple will soon return to their hometown to reunite. Expectations...

But no one would have thought that a few minutes later, accompanied by a harsh motor sound, the 36-year-old Wang Liangrui fell into a pool of blood and never stood up again-the accident was a Porsche Cayenne with a Ningbo license. After the incident, Instead of stopping, the Cayenne sedan went away.

This is a piece of news yesterday that everyone heard of shaking their heads and even weeping.

To suppress all the mixed feelings of anger and regret, we here record the following facts:

Yesterday morning, the vehicle involved in the accident was stopped by the police. The driver was a young man in his early 20s. As of press time, the Hangzhou police are unwilling to disclose more details about the accident because the nature of the case is still being confirmed.

How did he fall

We heard two versions

The incident occurred in the north-south lane of Baochu Road. Yesterday morning, spots and unwashed blood stains were faintly visible on the white zebra crossing.

Master Zhang is the security guard of a restaurant on Baochu Road. The guard box on duty is at the intersection of Baochu Road, Baoshi No. 11 Lane. At about XNUMX o'clock the night before, he said that he had just changed shifts and heard a harsh roar on the road: "It's the sound of a high-horsepower car accelerating, very loud!"

Master Li, who was selling barbecue on the side, was also taken aback by the sudden sound: "At that time, there were not many cars on Baochu Road. After that, I heard someone shouting'I hit someone, I hit someone'."

Master Zhang and Master Li hurried to the side of the road and found a person lying on the driveway from north to south, and a woman crying beside them. "We ran over and couldn't stand it at first sight. A man was lying on the road with blood all around, it looked like a wheel had run over his head."

This person who fell in a pool of blood is Wang Liangrui.

After the incident, Wang Liangrui was sent to Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, but he had no vital signs. In two days, he was about to return to his hometown with his wife who was eight months pregnant, and left like this.

How did Wang Liangrui get hit by a car? Master Zhang and Master Li told us two different versions-

"Some people say that a Cayenne drove him into the air, and then landed his head on the ground, causing the blood to flow."

"There is also a saying that he grabbed the mirror of the car, was brought down by the car, and then rolled into the wheel, which ran over him."

Cause of the accident:

Cayenne knocked down a night snack stall and shaved pregnant women

Yesterday morning, the reporter confirmed that the vehicle involved in the accident was a black Porsche Cayenne. Before the incident, Wang Liangrui and his wife Chen Fang were setting up a night snack stall on the side of Baochu Road. The night snack stall was located at the entrance of the temporary parking lot on Baochu Road. On the non-motorized road from south to north.

Chen Fang was pregnant in August, and after the incident, she was also taken to the hospital. Witnessing such a bloody scene, coupled with the shock of losing her husband, she was sent to the hospital for a time with signs of miscarriage. Fortunately, after the intervention of medical staff, it was confirmed that both the pregnant woman and the child were fine, but there was still a possibility of premature delivery.

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw Chen Fang at the Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her eyes were red and swollen. Every time she mentioned the incident, her tears couldn't help but fell. Her younger sister-in-law You Duying has been comforting.

In Chen Fang's intermittent narration, we learned that the Cayenne car first knocked down the night snack stall and then knocked her down, and Wang Liangrui was hit and killed when he approached the theory.

"At that time it came out of the parking lot and our stall was at the door and knocked down. I stepped forward to stop the car, but the car didn't stop at all and drove away." Chen Fang, who had a big belly, couldn't stand still and was knocked down. The car was scraped to the side of the road, and Wang Liangrui, who was greeting the guests, hurried forward and helped his wife. At this moment, the Cayenne turned around and came back at the next intersection, just slowing down before a zebra crossing.

"I told him it was this black car that knocked us down." At this point, Chen Fang's tone dimmed again. She did not expect that was the last word she and her husband said.

Wang Liangrui ran across the road, stopped the Cayenne, and Chen Fang followed. "My husband said to the driver, you hit someone. The other party said, how much do you want? My husband asked him to get out of the car, but he just didn't want to, so my husband took out his mobile phone to call the police. Up the throttle, then..."

Yesterday, the reporter also obtained a surveillance video of a surveillance camera in the temporary parking lot of Baochu Road. The surveillance showed that the Cayenne car drove to the entrance of the parking lot at 11:14 in the evening, but did not drive into the parking lot. It was reversing and drove out of the parking lot. However, due to the angle problem, the car crashed into the night snack stall and the pregnant woman was not photographed.

He is the pillar of the family

I planned to go home for the New Year in two days

Yesterday afternoon, in front of Chen Fang's hospital bed, there was a pair of old people who were in the dust. As soon as they saw Chen Fang, the two old men burst into tears, and their heart-piercing cries made everyone present to turn their heads unbearably.

They are Wang Liangrui's parents, who just arrived in Hangzhou overnight from their hometown in Shangrao, Jiangxi. Wang Liangrui’s cousin, Mr. Dong, rushed over with the old man: "We received the call last night."

In Mr. Dong’s impression, his cousin is a very cheerful and enthusiastic person. He brought many people out of the village to work. Whenever a fellow came to Hangzhou, he was always the first person to be an affair. "He has been working in Hangzhou for more than 10 years. He used to drive a taxi for a while. Later, because of poor eyesight, he has been with his wife in recent years. I have been living by setting up a night snack stall."

The couple had decided to return to their hometown in two days. But the originally planned hometown reunion turned out to be a farewell to a foreign land.

"We are going to celebrate his 10th birthday for his nephew, so we are already planning to go back to our hometown these few days," said his wife, Chen Fang, subconsciously stroking her belly, where there was a baby who was about to fall to the ground.

It is understood that Wang Liangrui also has a younger brother who also works in Hangzhou. His parents are in his 60s and the brothers are the main source of income for the family.

In the hospital, the reporter also saw a little boy standing beside Chen Fang, crying and wiping away tears for Chen Fang. He is the son of the couple and is 11 years old.

This sudden accident took away a pillar and left a pair of orphans and widows.

The driver in the accident was a young man

Probably don't have a driver's license

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Cayenne was stopped by the police and the driver was also under control.

According to many witnesses, the Cayenne car involved in the accident had a Ningbo license plate, and the driver was a man with long hair and a woman in the passenger seat. Yesterday, the reporter further confirmed that the driver is a young man around 20 years old.

According to eyewitnesses, there happened to be a well-known bar nearby, so many people guessed that the driver came out from a nearby bar, and the driver slammed on the accelerator when he heard that he wanted to call the police-is the guy drunk driving? Who owns this Cayenne? It's just an argument, why should he be so impulsive?

A series of question marks linger in people's minds.

After the incident, the Hangzhou police remained silent on these questions. As of press time, the police are still reluctant to disclose relevant information.

However, Mr. Dong told reporters that the traffic police once told his family that the Cayenne was suspected of being a license plate, and that the young man probably did not have a driver's license.

Regarding the progress of this matter, this newspaper will continue to follow.

I also sincerely want to say to Chen Fang's family: Suffering is like a dark cloud. I look far away but see the darkness, but we believe that there should be sunshine of hope ahead.