Abe plans to sign a free trade agreement during his visit to Australia in July – Australia News – Sydney

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        According to a report by The Australian on Tuesday, Australia and Japan will sign a bilateral free trade agreement in July. The signing of this agreement coincides with a visit to Australia by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Abe will also become the first Japanese leader to deliver a speech in the Australian Parliament.

        It is reported that AiThe Prime Minister will travel to Tokyo in April to meet with Japanese officials, and a bilateral free trade agreement will be reached after that.AiThis visit will emphasize the importance of the conclusion of the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement and the establishment of closer security ties between the two countries. Previously, the Prime Minister described Japan as Australia’s “best friend in Asia”.


        据报导,双边会谈的日方首席谈判代表、日本经济、贸易与工业部主管国际贸易政策的副主任中山先生(Yasun Nakayama)说,安倍首相与澳洲缔结自贸协定的“决心非常非常坚定”。

        中山先生将澳日自贸协定形容为“一份非常具有战略意义的协定”,因澳洲是日本的第二大商品供应国,也是日本The second largest buyer in both areas is second only to the United States.

        From Australia's point of view, in general, Japan is Australia's second largest trading partner, second only to China.

        Mr. Zhongshan said that the importance of the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement “surpasses pure economic value” and will “further consolidate our partners in a wider range of areas”.Of”。2013年,澳日之间的贸易总额达到540亿元。双边自由贸易协定的签署将给澳洲企业,尤其是农产品出口企业带来数十亿元的商机。

        此前,澳日自贸协定谈判的僵持点主要在于澳洲对进口Implement a 5% tariff and Japan’s import restrictions on agricultural products and beef.If a bilateral free trade agreement is signed, both aspects will beChanged.

        On Monday, Federal Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb confirmed that he had a very pleasant meeting with his Japanese counterparts in Davos, Switzerland during the weekend. Last year, Rob also met with Prime Minister Abe in Tokyo. In addition, officials of the two countries have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work to facilitate the signing of the bilateral free trade agreement.



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